Tuesday, August 25, 2009

If you want a good life, give up your bad attitude!

Too many people tend to "feel" sorry for themselves and use this pity as their operating system. But it really becomes their "Identity!" They unknowingly have just sealed their own future or "fate."

Why don't we try to understand them and their problems? Why not join everyone else in feeling sorry for them and just nurse their pity even further into self-loathing? Why not jump on the bandwagon?

Because! We will just be serving to make their problems worse. We will only be coddling them and encouraging them. This is bad, not good. Counter-productive, not productive.

We find too much that it is far too easy to be "politically-correct" and by choosing this route, we are choosing failure for them and us. God teaches us that we need to forget our problems and give them to Him to fix. We are directly responsible for believing that He can and will make everything better. He accomplishes this through His Son, His Word, and the Holy Spirit. His Word? The Bible.

Understand that we must not confuse The Bible with any other written book claiming to be the Bible or altered in order to fit a "certain" religion or belief system. Christianity is not a religion, so don't get it confused with religion. (We will touch on this in the next post). I am referring to the Bible as we know it to have been influenced by Godly men with Holy Spirit lead prophecies and hands to write God's Word. It is truly God's Word and nothing will ever take that away. Not if you truly believe in God.

We need to begin to start encouraging the unbelievers, new believers, old believers, anyone who needs encouragement, to start being positive and begin to trust that through their Faith, God will fix their problems and create their "futures." We need to start preaching God's Word to everyone and spreading His wonderful story to the world. God's Word is awesome and also very sobering. It is the ONLY true guide or instruction for everyday life. But we need to share the Good News so it may multiply and touch someone else who is in need of something to believe in and someone to love. The best way to convince an unbeliever to believe in God is to show them by living it in our own lives and presenting ourselves as true disciples of God, not allowing them to wollow in their self-pity and not by being "politically-correct." I challenge you to challenge yourselves and start living the Word and not just reading it!

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