Monday, August 10, 2009

A Journey of Faith

I have spent my whole life walking in self-absorbtion. I have seen what being self-absorbed really is. You could call me a "professional self-absorbed expert!"

This has gotten me much. I have learned so much from this very interesting journey. I have gained so much knowledge in absolutely everything but definitely nothing!

Am I a smarter person for going through this experience? Yes.
Do I know more than I did before I went through this period? Yes.
Can I truely say I am better for making it? Yes.

But what have I really learned? What great lesson have I really walked away with implanted in my brain? Who am I now that I have been through the hardships of this painfully becoming experience?

Is this you? Have you crossed the same paths over and over again wondering why you continue to keep coming to the same path you crossed before? Do you want to know what more there is to accomplish and experience in life?

Please join me in a journey to discover Faith. I don't mean faith in yourself but faith in God. A Faith that over-comes all other faiths and a Faith that leads to a life lived fully. One that you will be able to look back on a say "I have truely lived for everything I could have ever imagined and I know that I will leave this earth completed!" Why? Because you will have lived your life for God and this is all you will ever need to do..............This is a Journey of Faith!

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