Friday, September 18, 2009

Give God the Glory!

Let us give God all the Glory and Praise! He deserves much more than we can ever give Him, but, we can give Him what we have. We need to understand His Omnipresence and how it works.

God created everything. More specifically, Angels, divinity as a whole, humans, animals, plants, the land, and water. God created the air we breath and the lungs we utilize to process that air. God has always given life, something man has tried to replicate, which has never been successful.

Most people would argue this fact. Science, in its very definition and purpose, denies God's work and contaminates His marvelous design's. The "Intelligent Design Theory" holds the belief in evolution. The "Big-Bang Theory" spews out subtle "poof" belief's. Mutation and Cloning claims mankind's win in re-creating life. None of these beliefs, views, or opinions hold any real proof of success! Period!

What has happened is mankind is once again (happened many times before) trying to "play God!" This is absolute chaos! We need to get "fired up!", as they say in the military, and take a stand against this ignorance and these conscious misconceptions about our place in the universe. We are not the only "life forms." God informed us of Nephilites who roamed the earth (Genesis 6:4) before, in the beginning. God didn't say one day, " Gosh, i'm so bored, I think i'll create some fleshy, human thingies and watch them slowly destroy eachother while they destroy the Earth I created for them!" God IS VERY ORGANIZED! HE HAS ORDER AND DEMANDS ORDER WITH EVERYTHING!

Leave it to mankind to fiddle with His beautiful Work and do what we do best, mess with it.

Why can't we just live in contentment and accept His creation for what it is supposed to be, a creation for us to enjoy, not tear down and fix. ITS NOT BROKEN! You all know the saying, "if its not broken, don't fix it!" Well, its not broken! Stop trying to get one-up on God! Look at Satan, God's former chief angel. He tried this and failed. Be content with what we have and thank God. Amen!

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