Friday, September 11, 2009

God is our "way out!"

We are a very negative, selfish society. One which measures everything by its place on our popular list and gauges importance by what we act like in public, not who we are inside. This is so detrimental to a society as it leads to the purge of our core values and morales altogether. We eventually lose our identity as a people and lose our whole purpose and importance as individuals.

What is happening is happening very quickly and without a slow down in sight! We are going to begin to notice a change in the general attitude of our culture as we become more negative and show less concern for our emotional well-being and that of our fellow man. We have already set a very dangerous precedence in establishing and implementing an attitude of political-correctness in our everyday lives with everything we do. We have set the wheels in motion by allowing this attitude to spread through our society like cancer, and it has.

It will only get worse, and like cancer, cannot be fixed by man. This can only be fixed through divine intervention. God is our only hope. He has always been our only hope. He will always be our only hope. If we will just swallow our human pride and realize that our need for God and His divine intervention is real in our lives, and with it, nothing would be impossible. God is free and 24/7/365! He is always willing and ready to intercede on our behalfs and will if we let Him. Give Him an inch and He will give you a mile! Amen and praise be to our Almighty God.

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  1. I agree we are a selfish society, and I agree that is has been happening. However, it has been happening for quite a while.

    It is my opinion that in some areas of our life it is important to not push and shove our "ideas" on others (i.e. political correctness) However, and this is a big however. There is also a time to make it known!

    You write well brother, I may not agree ideologically, but you do write well.

    Just remember, I support you as my brother- and always have, though agreement may not exist. (no fault of mine, I have never forced anything I believed on you lol.)


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