Friday, September 4, 2009

Security in an Insecure World!

We are constantly wondering what if? What if my paycheck doesn't come through? What if I don't get that raise? What if I get into a car accident on the way to work? What if, what if.......

There are so many "what ifs" that it will make you dizzy! How can we alleviate these "what ifs" and "unknowns" in our lives? We can't! Its that simple..........We can't!

We will always find ourselves in these situations and bogged down with these burdens, but its how we handle them that matters. Its what approach we take when we tackle these problems that set us aside as God's children. The only difference between Christians and Un-Believers is that we believe! That's it! We believe......................We feel the same feelings and encounter the same daily issues, but we believe in God and have FAITH that He will guide and protect us.

There is that word again, Faith! Faith in God is believing that He will come through for us when we need Him to. It is believing that God will see us through our problems and give us a way to cope. He does and He will! I have seen Him working in my life in so many different ways on so many different occasions. I have personally witnessed Him working in my life and the lives of others around me. It is awesome and almost, unbelievable! But it is true and very real. He will support you and do wonders in your life but you have to let Him.

I have seen so many people who desperately need a miracle and desperately want one, but they choose rather to put their trust in superficial solutions and they entrust their lives to fate instead of God. They come so close, but they never hit the mark. They never get to God because they never let Him in. This is all to common. We know that we alone cannot navigate through our lives without the help of someone bigger than us, but we are not willing to give up some things to gain some things. We get so comfortable in our own security that we think we do not need God and we continue to stumble and fall short of the mark. This is why so many of us live miserable and empty lives filled with anger, untrust, grumbling, hate, and many more things that lead to misery. If we don't identify our need for God and if we think that we can make it on our own, than we will never be able to enjoy the wonderful life that God has in store for us.

He loves all His children, but we have to love Him back. He won't chase us, but He will welcome us. He doesn't need us, we do need Him. He can make it without us, we cannot make it without Him.

If we choose to try and remedy all the problems and challenges that we meet on our own, we will find that this will only lead to more problems and bigger challenges. We need to start turning to God and letting Him be the solution to the problems we face daily. We need to stop worrying about everything that comes up and start looking to God for guidance. This is not always easy and, like everything else, is easier said than done. But, none-the-less, it can be done. God is so much bigger than our little problems. He can fix any breaks and forgive any wrongs, but we have to let Him! We cannot just sit back with the idea that because God said He will, He will. Of course He will! But in order for this to happen, it still requires obedience to His instructions and full submission to His direction. We need to understand that God doesn't just wave His wand, and, "ping" its fixed. There are steps that need to be taken in order for His Will to be done. He is a God of Order! He has an order for everything that happens and without this order, there is chaos!

We (Christians) have a responsibility to God in our walk with Him to obey His instructions and follow His commands to the letter. This is why we have His Word to use as our daily guide. We must use His Word daily or we will miss His instructions and open ourselves up for attack! Attack by The Deceiver or Satan. Satan is waiting for any little opening to come in our lives and wreak havoc. And he will!

Have you ever had a problem with little bugs in your home? You start seeing little bugs everywhere in your home and wonder how they got in? Your home is secure and, to your naked eye, there are no visible cracks in its foundation, but you have little bugs none-the-less! You determine that the only way to remedy this problem is to call in the Exterminator! He comes to your home, lays out his traps and poison, then you stop seeing the bugs for another couple of months. But, as the months go by, you begin to notice the little bugs again. The process starts all over again, and, if you don't call the Exterminator, the little bugs won't go away. It is the same with Satan. We think that our spirits don't have any cracks or weaknesses in them but we begin to notice that Satan has been attacking us lately in our lives. We call God to come in and "exterminate" Satan out of our lives and He does. Problem fixed! But, unless we constantly live according to God's Word and in His Will daily, well then, Satan will find some little weakness or hole in our lives and he will use it to enter our lives and wreak havoc! We must not become complacent with our Faith and we must always keep ourselves ready and poised to fight off any little attack that Satan may launch against us by using God's Word and our Faith in God as our ammunition. We are in a constant battle for our intimate relationship with God, or our "Security", and Satan is our enemy. We must continue to remain vigilant and faithful to God in order to keep Satan at bay! So, brothers and sisters, continue to fight the good fight and keep God's Word close and His confidence even closer! Amen...........................................................

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