Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Your Testimony!

Our story or testimony of how we came to Christ is our identity as Christians! It will always be told to a new audience & will never change. It should serve as a valuable tool in reaching out to others in spreading the Good News.

We all have one & its our story. Its how we came to know Jesus & how we maintain our relationship with our heavenly Father today. We don't have to tell others, but why not? You might be reaching someone who is going through the very same spiritual battles you fought before. They might have encountered the very same problems in a very similar setting and by telling them your testimony, you could be giving them that little push they truely need to seek out Jesus Christ. They might be waiting for that little extra bit of evidence proving that God can be very real in their lives by what He did in yours.

We never know, but we, as Christians, don't want to be caught procrastinating by the devil. He will take this a use it against the furtherence of God's Good News.

So, get out there & single people out by watching for their longing for belonging. Everyone does. I know I was & it took my rock-bottom to get me on track with God in my life. Let's not wait for their rock-bottom to tell them about God. Just tell them! Use "situational-awareness" as our weapon in our fight to spread the Good News. We'll be more effective if we know how to get them to open their lives up to us. Then, its on to the problems. Solutions are promised & Jesus Christ is our claim or gauruntee.

Can we begin to be more aware of our surroundings? Can we start becoming "bold" & approach people with kindness & humility? Everyone is in need of God in their lives. Let's be the one to give them that little needed push. Let's do what we are all (Christians) called to do. Remember, we are not trying to convert someone to a religion, we are attempting to convince them that they do need God in their lives & God will carry through for them & He is a friend who will never leave them.

God bless & guide us always! Amen.

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