Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Inspiration!

These are little pieces of thoughts given to me by God while I was only a month into a new life with God. These are my thoughts which are authentic and from my own creation. I credit them to God as He is the originator of everything. This goes to show what God is capable of doing in someones life!

1. Its not that we are not listening,
its that we don't hear Him.

2. When you want something that you've never had,
your going to have to do something that you never have.

3. Inspiration will uplift you but God will lift you up.

4. You have to know when to stop
before you will learn when to start.

5. A marriage is a test of endurance,
for without this, it will fail.

6. It should never be about what you want, rather what you don't have.

7. You'll never know God until you try Him.

8. Doubt erases any chance of hope.

9. Knowledge comes from knowing between right and wrong

10. You are never truly alone for even your shadow remains by your side.

11. The pursuit of wealth brings poverty but the pursuit of God brings wealth

12. It takes courage to face your fears and fear to face God.

13. To carry God's Word is Truth, to obey it is Faith, & to live it is Life.

14. Forgiveness begins with yourself.

15. True love is seeing into the heart.

16. To die is to live.

17. You cannot hide a lie when you are held hostage by guilt, your guilt will always win.

18. Guilt is the result of deception.

19. A cautious mind comes from wisdom.

20. A compromised trust is cancer to a relationship.

21. A broken spirit is mended only with time.

22. A rush to judgement will end with your own demise.

23. Our naked flesh is a sacred gift from God. To abuse it is sure death.

24. If you question the existence of God, look to mountains. Could man have possibly formed millions of pounds of dirt which are its foundation and body? Not even with the largest of machines. And could man have caused rain to form into water from vapor? Not even with the greatest of all man-made intelligence.

25. Do we not use only a small portion of our brain? Where does the remaining portion go?

26. A marriage is defined by the dedication of those in it. Its success is ultimately determined by unending love. Without this love, it is surely doomed.

27. God will give you all the rope you need. Its up to you whether to grab it or let go.

28. Be wise and raise your children with morale's for they are a reflection of you.

29. Hope comes in many forms.

30. Do not let the Sun go down on your anger, for you are not guaranteed tomorrow.

31. You will not sincerely find who God really is without first and completely surrendering your body and soul to Him. After all, our bodies belonged to God first, not ourselves.

32. God is the greatest addiction of all. Satan is the greatest affliction of all.

33. If you deny God while living in the present, He will deny you of life in the future.

34. The key to success is the key which opens your heart to God.

35. The best winners are great because they have survived a loss.

36. Science is a bi product of man, Religion is the result of a need, God in your life is a result of faith.

37. Believing is receiving the impossible and accepting the truth.

38. Deny God and you will consistently stumble over the same hole in the road. Accept God and he will help you avoid those holes in the road.

39. It took God just one day to make mankind. Not even the most highly-experienced, lengthy-schooled surgeon can come close even with multiple surgeries. The more we play God the uglier mankind becomes.

40. God sometimes uses us against ourselves because that is what it takes for us to look inward instead of outward.

41. We are so quick to point fingers and place blame and so slow to accept fault. Test yourself. Accept fault......

42. God never intentionally hurts us. We blame Him even though He is not the problem.

43. Forgiveness is the biggest mountain you will ever clime, but without it you will never reach the top.

44. You can never get over your guilt by pretending to be someone your not.

45. Life is what you make of it so make sure you make of it!

Servants of God!

We (the human race) have always wanted to control our environment. Control is our way of feeling total completion or fulfillment. If we are in control of our environment, then we are doing OK. Control however, only leads to constant battles were we struggle to reach the top of the totem pole and everyone always wants to be the one in the pilots seat with the power! We are always on the path of gain. We are always constantly attempting to get bigger, better, and louder. We think if we have the best, we are the best. If we look the best, we will be the best! These are all serious and detrimental misconceptions.

We need to understand that God is the only One who can handle total control. He is the creator of control and has been in control long before the human race! God is the pilot and we are just the stewards with the purpose of serving others interests and needs while living here on earth. We need to grasp this concept of serving and being a servant. To serve another is a major feat for most of us and one which seems to be a constant issue and, even more so, an eluding accomplishment.

We see servants everywhere we go; waiters in restaurants, bar tenders at the bar, salesmen at the local car dealership, police officers passing by us on the road, soldiers in the news, etc. There are servants everywhere we look and at every level. But, they are almost always paid for their service, and therefore, cannot truly be considered servants in a biblical sense. Or could they? Do they do their service because they have to or because they want to? Are we being nice because everything seems to be going our way, or because we know that in 8 hours it will all be over until the next day?

Doesn't the Bible tell us that to be leaders we must first be followers and to enter the Kingdom of God we must learn to be servants for His Kingdom? Are we not called to follow the example of Jesus and learn to serve others in a completely genuine attitude and way? Yes, we are! As Christians, we must mimic what Jesus did while He was here on earth by beginning to serve others. In doing this, we are really serving the Kingdom of God, or God himself. Remember, the greatest commandment of all is that we love each other. We are called and instructed to learn to love and actually do it!

Why then do we always seem to find it so difficult to; wait an extra 10 seconds and hold open that door for the older lady at the grocery store, smile and wave at the other driver who just cut you off in traffic and then showed you that his middle finger functions just fine, stand in line at Walmart and allow the person with two items less than you to cut in front of you, be patient and actually wait on the phone while on hold without thinking about what you would do to the person on the other end of the line if you just had one wish, smile at your coworker and congratulate her even though you were just told she was getting your promotion which you have waited 5 years to get, and there is so much more............................................Could we do even one of these? Does it even cross our mind?

This is what God is referring to when He instructs us to be servants of the world. These are the occasions in which we find ourselves tested and tried. We read these verses in the Scriptures telling us about serving others and being good examples for others to show them the goodness of having an intimate relationship with God, but we too often, seem to slip up and forget them when we; go to work, to school, to the store, to church, or on a vacation. We fall apart when faced with actualizing what we have read in the Word. We fall back into our regular attitude of me, me, me when we step out of our safety zone and into the world................................Why can't we just let go of our own self-indulgence and exchange it for self-lessness? Why can't we read something in the Bible then turn right around and put it into actual practice by doing it?

The Scriptures tell us to be doers of the Word and not hearers only. This is our call to revolutionize our method of approaching everything we do and say, and break from our normal response, replying with a Biblical response. Take a bad situation and turn it into a good situation by applying what the Scriptures say. Do and not just hear! Let us begin to recognize our imperfections and indifference's and accept that we are not perfect, but God is! We can never and will never be able to completely control anything, let alone our own lives without His help and instructions. He is our benchmark. He is our standard. He is our pilot and He is always in control. So, when you feel like letting yourself or someone else control you, read His Word, act on His Word, and listen to the Holy Spirit to guide you and you will not be disappointed! Give God an inch and He will give you a mile. He is the only true way to a happy and controlled lifestyle................................................;....................Amen!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Compromise? Is it really worth it?

The institution of marriage has long been held between a man and a woman. God has created man, then woman, to keep man company and for the purpose of man. Man is one extreme and woman is distinctly different. How? Sexuality and physical characteristics! More man comes from the first man and woman. As men began to populate the earth, they gave into sexual immortality which lead to the eventual and complete wipe-out of the human race from the face of the earth by God (Noah is the story). Why then do we go so far today to "accept" or "understand" homosexuality and marriage of same sex versus marriage of man and woman? Divorce is the legal separation of a married man and woman. God says (Malachi 2:16) that He "hates" divorce! This is a very strong statement coming from a loving God who constantly promotes peace and love. God knows the results or repercussions of divorce. He also designed marriage as a covenant and this is crucial to anyone who has an intimate relationship with God. After all, it was a covenant that secured the earth from a second complete destruction by flood. It was a covenant that made our eternal salvation possible. It was a new covenant that made it possible for everyone who believes to be saved through grace versus obedience to laws.

So, we have allowed several variations or "solutions" to the original intent of marriage, all of which God clearly hates, to saturate our society to the point which leans dangerously close to pushing God over the edge. Its not if but when will God have enough! So many people without God think that to please the crowds is to be correct. To be politically-correct is to be "understanding". All we are doing is seriously compromising our faith and salvation for the sake of pleasing a few small interest groups. This is a deadly compromise.

Through all of this debating on the meaning of marriage and its very institution, so much stress and mind control is placed on the intended meaning and not the definitive meaning. In other words, Satan has twisted and manipulated the points he knows he can versus directly attacking what God has already clearly defined. Why? Because, Satan never directly attacks God and God's laws. He already tried that and failed miserably (the Fall of Satan). I think we humans don't give enough time to stop and understand how smart and crafty the Serpent really is..............

Marriage, like so many other issues today, is not debatable if you are a Christian obeying God's Word! Pretty simple really. Yup! It is clearly defined in the Scriptures and leaves no room for public scrutiny. But, isn't this the case with most everything else which is considered sin? Yes!? Why then does it seem as though it is so easily accepted to fight or attack this institution set up by God and defined just as clearly? Because, we find it almost taboo to speak out against these twisted and changed institutions done by man but all too easy to speak out against or attack God!

Its those of us who are trying to please the crowds or certain "interest" groups that twist and manipulate God's truth into half-truths and, eventually, mistruths or sin. Why are we so quick to explain, excuse, or defend a certain belief or view, but so slow to stand for what is morally right? For the same reason we constantly attack God and His laws. We are playing right into Satan's hand and we are simply too ignorant to see it or we choose not to see it. But, if we call ourselves Christians, we cannot continue in this direction or on this path. The path to life is narrow and difficult but wide and broad is the way which leads to destruction (Matthew 7:13-14).
God has already given us so many escapes from legalism and political-correctness. It is a Christian duty and salvation requirement to obey God! There's not much room for play with this. The Scriptures say that God will never give us more than we can handle and He will always provide us a way out!

We must do what the Scriptures say because this is God's Word or "instructions" to us while we are here on earth preparing for the New Heaven and Earth. God is not the author of confusion so we should not be a reader of confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33). If we are for the world, we are against God. I for one choose to be an enemy of the world because this is the only true way to eternal life!

But don't confuse this with being at odds with everyone all the time. No, instead this means to take a serious approach to your relationship with God and grow more intimate with Him by adhering to His laws and instruction. If we are always doing what He tells us to whether it be obeying His Word or listening to the Holy Spirit, we can't go wrong. Really! Just remember that God never changes (Malachi 3:6) and this includes His laws and truths. His instructions to us are the same today as they were in the days of Abraham, Moses, all the way to Jesus and today. The only difference is our way to salvation. Amen.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


This post is on my opinion of Freedoms which are inherently ours if we are American.

There is truly only one freedom I wish to retain. My freedom of thought so that I can continue to have a relationship with my loving Father (God), and this freedom will secure, through this relationship, my future salvation. Absolutely no one can ever possibly take this freedom away or temporarily deprive me of it, because it is in my heart. The only person or being who can possibly, physically remove this freedom of thought is my own self.

You are your own worst enemy. You even have ultimate control, which is control over Satan and any influence he might attempt to exercise on you. Every other freedom could be stripped from me and I do not care nor would I despair. These are freedoms which other humans have entitled to me and, therefore, have no real authority. Why? Because ALL authority comes from God and is ordained by Him.

He gives and He takes away! This is the most meaningful political statement ever made which is recorded Biblically in the Book of Job. So, why should I care what "freedoms" man decides to give or take away. It only counts when it comes from or through God. If my salvation is destined through and controlled by God, and it is, then my freedoms are also controlled by God. And God said all you have to do is ask and you will receive! We spend our whole lives thinking that our freedoms are the key to our happiness or essential to the "completion" of our lives, but what does this matter if tomorrow we die? And what good does it do us to spend our whole lives fighting for several freedoms if we die only exercising one? I'm referring to the Freedom of Speech..............Remember, we are simply players in a much bigger game, and the ultimate win is to know God more intimately.

I appreciate America's "freedom theory", however, we really don't have these freedoms because of governmental control or influence, so I'm not too concerned about them being taken away when we are already experiencing our deprivation of them and their systematic and gradual degradation in general. Why should I fight for what I really never had so I really never lost because I really never had full freedom? Therefore, if I never really had a freedom, then I never really lost this freedom in the first place. And I have lived a good life up to this very second without these freedoms I'm supposed to have but never really did, so I will continue to live as I have been, without exercising these non-freedoms.

I believe the worst freedom ever entrusted to man was freedom of speech because (as covered quite extensively in God's word) the tongue has, does, and will continue to get humankind into trouble which eventually leads to death. I've survived and maintained my life up to this point based solely off my faith in my God, the one true God. If you took away everything tomorrow, gave me stage five cancer, and threw me in the worst prison, I will still have my God and my faith. My faith would be tested (most definitely), but not taken away. It can never be taken away because it comes from my very soul or spirit!

Fighting for something and taking a stand or view on something are two very different issues. I fought for my country when I was in the military and I will not stand for moral degradation when it directly affects myself or my children in derogatory manner. I can, however, leave the major war up to God while still fighting daily battles against Satan. My freedoms as an American are important to me but, I do not see them as having the importance in my life that my salvation does! As Paul says, things here on earth are just temporary, but things regarding our salvation are eternal.

So, yes, I do appreciate freedoms that could otherwise not be experienced in another country, but I also have lived without certain freedoms and realize that I can function without these freedoms. It is important to stand up for what you believe in within reason! That reason should be determined by God and what His Word says. I used to enforce the law as a police officer and when I would testify in a court of law on my cases, I would have to adhere to the "reasonable persons standard". However, now that I have turned my life over to God, I operate under His standards. These are not standards which are either acceptable or recognized by most of the world, but they are definitely accepted and recognized in my world! Amen.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Praise God and His holy name!

I have something that has been graciously given to me by God...................a second chance at life!

I am referring to my life as a "born-again" Christian. I am a new person. I have a new reason to thank God. I am a new person with a purpose. Praise God!

My whole world at this point revolves around God and my two children. I was recently divorced (against my will) but I am getting along just fine. I am because of God and ONLY because of God. He has done things in my life in the last year than was ever accomplished by me or anyone else in the last 28 years of my life!

I am taking time out of the everyday routine of tackling serious subjects to just worship and give praise to God for everything He has done and is doing in my life and the life of my two children!

I worship God and praise Him for His constant protection over us, His constant mercy towards us, His constant kindness to us, His constant support of us, His constant love towards us, and much more..................................GOD IS GOOD!!!

I am thankful for everyday that I am able to breath His wonderful air, listen to His wonderful creatures, observe His wonderful work, partake of His wonderful creation, and enjoy His wonderful plan for my life. Thank you God.

I know that I, personally, do not thank God enough. I know that I need to begin thanking Him more. And, I know that I will continue thanking Him in the future. He deserves my thankfulness and gratitude and praise because of what He does for me every day that I am alive!

So, thank you God for your continual love and support, thank you for my health and the health of my two children, thank you for giving me the opportunity to wake up every morning and enjoy your beautiful creation, thank you for your blessings, thank you for your mercy, thank you for your awesome power that you have enabled us with to use in our constant battle against Satan, the ultimate Deceiver! We have already won the battle against him because of your Son dying for us, but we know that we must still continue to persevere in keeping Satan away and in keeping our own carnal nature and tendencies away. You have given us the power we need to do this and you also have given us the blessings we so desperately search out when all we need to do is ask! Continue to protect and bless us as you see fit. Amen!