Sunday, October 25, 2009

Compromise? Is it really worth it?

The institution of marriage has long been held between a man and a woman. God has created man, then woman, to keep man company and for the purpose of man. Man is one extreme and woman is distinctly different. How? Sexuality and physical characteristics! More man comes from the first man and woman. As men began to populate the earth, they gave into sexual immortality which lead to the eventual and complete wipe-out of the human race from the face of the earth by God (Noah is the story). Why then do we go so far today to "accept" or "understand" homosexuality and marriage of same sex versus marriage of man and woman? Divorce is the legal separation of a married man and woman. God says (Malachi 2:16) that He "hates" divorce! This is a very strong statement coming from a loving God who constantly promotes peace and love. God knows the results or repercussions of divorce. He also designed marriage as a covenant and this is crucial to anyone who has an intimate relationship with God. After all, it was a covenant that secured the earth from a second complete destruction by flood. It was a covenant that made our eternal salvation possible. It was a new covenant that made it possible for everyone who believes to be saved through grace versus obedience to laws.

So, we have allowed several variations or "solutions" to the original intent of marriage, all of which God clearly hates, to saturate our society to the point which leans dangerously close to pushing God over the edge. Its not if but when will God have enough! So many people without God think that to please the crowds is to be correct. To be politically-correct is to be "understanding". All we are doing is seriously compromising our faith and salvation for the sake of pleasing a few small interest groups. This is a deadly compromise.

Through all of this debating on the meaning of marriage and its very institution, so much stress and mind control is placed on the intended meaning and not the definitive meaning. In other words, Satan has twisted and manipulated the points he knows he can versus directly attacking what God has already clearly defined. Why? Because, Satan never directly attacks God and God's laws. He already tried that and failed miserably (the Fall of Satan). I think we humans don't give enough time to stop and understand how smart and crafty the Serpent really is..............

Marriage, like so many other issues today, is not debatable if you are a Christian obeying God's Word! Pretty simple really. Yup! It is clearly defined in the Scriptures and leaves no room for public scrutiny. But, isn't this the case with most everything else which is considered sin? Yes!? Why then does it seem as though it is so easily accepted to fight or attack this institution set up by God and defined just as clearly? Because, we find it almost taboo to speak out against these twisted and changed institutions done by man but all too easy to speak out against or attack God!

Its those of us who are trying to please the crowds or certain "interest" groups that twist and manipulate God's truth into half-truths and, eventually, mistruths or sin. Why are we so quick to explain, excuse, or defend a certain belief or view, but so slow to stand for what is morally right? For the same reason we constantly attack God and His laws. We are playing right into Satan's hand and we are simply too ignorant to see it or we choose not to see it. But, if we call ourselves Christians, we cannot continue in this direction or on this path. The path to life is narrow and difficult but wide and broad is the way which leads to destruction (Matthew 7:13-14).
God has already given us so many escapes from legalism and political-correctness. It is a Christian duty and salvation requirement to obey God! There's not much room for play with this. The Scriptures say that God will never give us more than we can handle and He will always provide us a way out!

We must do what the Scriptures say because this is God's Word or "instructions" to us while we are here on earth preparing for the New Heaven and Earth. God is not the author of confusion so we should not be a reader of confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33). If we are for the world, we are against God. I for one choose to be an enemy of the world because this is the only true way to eternal life!

But don't confuse this with being at odds with everyone all the time. No, instead this means to take a serious approach to your relationship with God and grow more intimate with Him by adhering to His laws and instruction. If we are always doing what He tells us to whether it be obeying His Word or listening to the Holy Spirit, we can't go wrong. Really! Just remember that God never changes (Malachi 3:6) and this includes His laws and truths. His instructions to us are the same today as they were in the days of Abraham, Moses, all the way to Jesus and today. The only difference is our way to salvation. Amen.

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