Thursday, October 22, 2009


This post is on my opinion of Freedoms which are inherently ours if we are American.

There is truly only one freedom I wish to retain. My freedom of thought so that I can continue to have a relationship with my loving Father (God), and this freedom will secure, through this relationship, my future salvation. Absolutely no one can ever possibly take this freedom away or temporarily deprive me of it, because it is in my heart. The only person or being who can possibly, physically remove this freedom of thought is my own self.

You are your own worst enemy. You even have ultimate control, which is control over Satan and any influence he might attempt to exercise on you. Every other freedom could be stripped from me and I do not care nor would I despair. These are freedoms which other humans have entitled to me and, therefore, have no real authority. Why? Because ALL authority comes from God and is ordained by Him.

He gives and He takes away! This is the most meaningful political statement ever made which is recorded Biblically in the Book of Job. So, why should I care what "freedoms" man decides to give or take away. It only counts when it comes from or through God. If my salvation is destined through and controlled by God, and it is, then my freedoms are also controlled by God. And God said all you have to do is ask and you will receive! We spend our whole lives thinking that our freedoms are the key to our happiness or essential to the "completion" of our lives, but what does this matter if tomorrow we die? And what good does it do us to spend our whole lives fighting for several freedoms if we die only exercising one? I'm referring to the Freedom of Speech..............Remember, we are simply players in a much bigger game, and the ultimate win is to know God more intimately.

I appreciate America's "freedom theory", however, we really don't have these freedoms because of governmental control or influence, so I'm not too concerned about them being taken away when we are already experiencing our deprivation of them and their systematic and gradual degradation in general. Why should I fight for what I really never had so I really never lost because I really never had full freedom? Therefore, if I never really had a freedom, then I never really lost this freedom in the first place. And I have lived a good life up to this very second without these freedoms I'm supposed to have but never really did, so I will continue to live as I have been, without exercising these non-freedoms.

I believe the worst freedom ever entrusted to man was freedom of speech because (as covered quite extensively in God's word) the tongue has, does, and will continue to get humankind into trouble which eventually leads to death. I've survived and maintained my life up to this point based solely off my faith in my God, the one true God. If you took away everything tomorrow, gave me stage five cancer, and threw me in the worst prison, I will still have my God and my faith. My faith would be tested (most definitely), but not taken away. It can never be taken away because it comes from my very soul or spirit!

Fighting for something and taking a stand or view on something are two very different issues. I fought for my country when I was in the military and I will not stand for moral degradation when it directly affects myself or my children in derogatory manner. I can, however, leave the major war up to God while still fighting daily battles against Satan. My freedoms as an American are important to me but, I do not see them as having the importance in my life that my salvation does! As Paul says, things here on earth are just temporary, but things regarding our salvation are eternal.

So, yes, I do appreciate freedoms that could otherwise not be experienced in another country, but I also have lived without certain freedoms and realize that I can function without these freedoms. It is important to stand up for what you believe in within reason! That reason should be determined by God and what His Word says. I used to enforce the law as a police officer and when I would testify in a court of law on my cases, I would have to adhere to the "reasonable persons standard". However, now that I have turned my life over to God, I operate under His standards. These are not standards which are either acceptable or recognized by most of the world, but they are definitely accepted and recognized in my world! Amen.

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  1. Every freedom in this country is contingent upon every other freedom. You ability to "worship" exists ONLY because people have fought and died for that right.

    I had a gift for you, however, I realize now that you would never read it- best wishes and I truly hope you realize someday that there are people who have been there for you, the same ones you trample on today.


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