Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Inspiration!

These are little pieces of thoughts given to me by God while I was only a month into a new life with God. These are my thoughts which are authentic and from my own creation. I credit them to God as He is the originator of everything. This goes to show what God is capable of doing in someones life!

1. Its not that we are not listening,
its that we don't hear Him.

2. When you want something that you've never had,
your going to have to do something that you never have.

3. Inspiration will uplift you but God will lift you up.

4. You have to know when to stop
before you will learn when to start.

5. A marriage is a test of endurance,
for without this, it will fail.

6. It should never be about what you want, rather what you don't have.

7. You'll never know God until you try Him.

8. Doubt erases any chance of hope.

9. Knowledge comes from knowing between right and wrong

10. You are never truly alone for even your shadow remains by your side.

11. The pursuit of wealth brings poverty but the pursuit of God brings wealth

12. It takes courage to face your fears and fear to face God.

13. To carry God's Word is Truth, to obey it is Faith, & to live it is Life.

14. Forgiveness begins with yourself.

15. True love is seeing into the heart.

16. To die is to live.

17. You cannot hide a lie when you are held hostage by guilt, your guilt will always win.

18. Guilt is the result of deception.

19. A cautious mind comes from wisdom.

20. A compromised trust is cancer to a relationship.

21. A broken spirit is mended only with time.

22. A rush to judgement will end with your own demise.

23. Our naked flesh is a sacred gift from God. To abuse it is sure death.

24. If you question the existence of God, look to mountains. Could man have possibly formed millions of pounds of dirt which are its foundation and body? Not even with the largest of machines. And could man have caused rain to form into water from vapor? Not even with the greatest of all man-made intelligence.

25. Do we not use only a small portion of our brain? Where does the remaining portion go?

26. A marriage is defined by the dedication of those in it. Its success is ultimately determined by unending love. Without this love, it is surely doomed.

27. God will give you all the rope you need. Its up to you whether to grab it or let go.

28. Be wise and raise your children with morale's for they are a reflection of you.

29. Hope comes in many forms.

30. Do not let the Sun go down on your anger, for you are not guaranteed tomorrow.

31. You will not sincerely find who God really is without first and completely surrendering your body and soul to Him. After all, our bodies belonged to God first, not ourselves.

32. God is the greatest addiction of all. Satan is the greatest affliction of all.

33. If you deny God while living in the present, He will deny you of life in the future.

34. The key to success is the key which opens your heart to God.

35. The best winners are great because they have survived a loss.

36. Science is a bi product of man, Religion is the result of a need, God in your life is a result of faith.

37. Believing is receiving the impossible and accepting the truth.

38. Deny God and you will consistently stumble over the same hole in the road. Accept God and he will help you avoid those holes in the road.

39. It took God just one day to make mankind. Not even the most highly-experienced, lengthy-schooled surgeon can come close even with multiple surgeries. The more we play God the uglier mankind becomes.

40. God sometimes uses us against ourselves because that is what it takes for us to look inward instead of outward.

41. We are so quick to point fingers and place blame and so slow to accept fault. Test yourself. Accept fault......

42. God never intentionally hurts us. We blame Him even though He is not the problem.

43. Forgiveness is the biggest mountain you will ever clime, but without it you will never reach the top.

44. You can never get over your guilt by pretending to be someone your not.

45. Life is what you make of it so make sure you make of it!

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