Friday, October 9, 2009

Praise God and His holy name!

I have something that has been graciously given to me by God...................a second chance at life!

I am referring to my life as a "born-again" Christian. I am a new person. I have a new reason to thank God. I am a new person with a purpose. Praise God!

My whole world at this point revolves around God and my two children. I was recently divorced (against my will) but I am getting along just fine. I am because of God and ONLY because of God. He has done things in my life in the last year than was ever accomplished by me or anyone else in the last 28 years of my life!

I am taking time out of the everyday routine of tackling serious subjects to just worship and give praise to God for everything He has done and is doing in my life and the life of my two children!

I worship God and praise Him for His constant protection over us, His constant mercy towards us, His constant kindness to us, His constant support of us, His constant love towards us, and much more..................................GOD IS GOOD!!!

I am thankful for everyday that I am able to breath His wonderful air, listen to His wonderful creatures, observe His wonderful work, partake of His wonderful creation, and enjoy His wonderful plan for my life. Thank you God.

I know that I, personally, do not thank God enough. I know that I need to begin thanking Him more. And, I know that I will continue thanking Him in the future. He deserves my thankfulness and gratitude and praise because of what He does for me every day that I am alive!

So, thank you God for your continual love and support, thank you for my health and the health of my two children, thank you for giving me the opportunity to wake up every morning and enjoy your beautiful creation, thank you for your blessings, thank you for your mercy, thank you for your awesome power that you have enabled us with to use in our constant battle against Satan, the ultimate Deceiver! We have already won the battle against him because of your Son dying for us, but we know that we must still continue to persevere in keeping Satan away and in keeping our own carnal nature and tendencies away. You have given us the power we need to do this and you also have given us the blessings we so desperately search out when all we need to do is ask! Continue to protect and bless us as you see fit. Amen!

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