Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Servants of God!

We (the human race) have always wanted to control our environment. Control is our way of feeling total completion or fulfillment. If we are in control of our environment, then we are doing OK. Control however, only leads to constant battles were we struggle to reach the top of the totem pole and everyone always wants to be the one in the pilots seat with the power! We are always on the path of gain. We are always constantly attempting to get bigger, better, and louder. We think if we have the best, we are the best. If we look the best, we will be the best! These are all serious and detrimental misconceptions.

We need to understand that God is the only One who can handle total control. He is the creator of control and has been in control long before the human race! God is the pilot and we are just the stewards with the purpose of serving others interests and needs while living here on earth. We need to grasp this concept of serving and being a servant. To serve another is a major feat for most of us and one which seems to be a constant issue and, even more so, an eluding accomplishment.

We see servants everywhere we go; waiters in restaurants, bar tenders at the bar, salesmen at the local car dealership, police officers passing by us on the road, soldiers in the news, etc. There are servants everywhere we look and at every level. But, they are almost always paid for their service, and therefore, cannot truly be considered servants in a biblical sense. Or could they? Do they do their service because they have to or because they want to? Are we being nice because everything seems to be going our way, or because we know that in 8 hours it will all be over until the next day?

Doesn't the Bible tell us that to be leaders we must first be followers and to enter the Kingdom of God we must learn to be servants for His Kingdom? Are we not called to follow the example of Jesus and learn to serve others in a completely genuine attitude and way? Yes, we are! As Christians, we must mimic what Jesus did while He was here on earth by beginning to serve others. In doing this, we are really serving the Kingdom of God, or God himself. Remember, the greatest commandment of all is that we love each other. We are called and instructed to learn to love and actually do it!

Why then do we always seem to find it so difficult to; wait an extra 10 seconds and hold open that door for the older lady at the grocery store, smile and wave at the other driver who just cut you off in traffic and then showed you that his middle finger functions just fine, stand in line at Walmart and allow the person with two items less than you to cut in front of you, be patient and actually wait on the phone while on hold without thinking about what you would do to the person on the other end of the line if you just had one wish, smile at your coworker and congratulate her even though you were just told she was getting your promotion which you have waited 5 years to get, and there is so much more............................................Could we do even one of these? Does it even cross our mind?

This is what God is referring to when He instructs us to be servants of the world. These are the occasions in which we find ourselves tested and tried. We read these verses in the Scriptures telling us about serving others and being good examples for others to show them the goodness of having an intimate relationship with God, but we too often, seem to slip up and forget them when we; go to work, to school, to the store, to church, or on a vacation. We fall apart when faced with actualizing what we have read in the Word. We fall back into our regular attitude of me, me, me when we step out of our safety zone and into the world................................Why can't we just let go of our own self-indulgence and exchange it for self-lessness? Why can't we read something in the Bible then turn right around and put it into actual practice by doing it?

The Scriptures tell us to be doers of the Word and not hearers only. This is our call to revolutionize our method of approaching everything we do and say, and break from our normal response, replying with a Biblical response. Take a bad situation and turn it into a good situation by applying what the Scriptures say. Do and not just hear! Let us begin to recognize our imperfections and indifference's and accept that we are not perfect, but God is! We can never and will never be able to completely control anything, let alone our own lives without His help and instructions. He is our benchmark. He is our standard. He is our pilot and He is always in control. So, when you feel like letting yourself or someone else control you, read His Word, act on His Word, and listen to the Holy Spirit to guide you and you will not be disappointed! Give God an inch and He will give you a mile. He is the only true way to a happy and controlled lifestyle................................................;....................Amen!

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