Monday, December 7, 2009


Satan, the Great Deceiver, has one purpose and one goal here on Earth! To gain our souls which is his deceptive way of trying to gain a leg up on God. This is why Lucifer, God's former Chief of Angels, the Morning Star, now known as Satan, the Master Deceiver. This jealousy and envy is the very heart of his demise and downfall . No one is exempt from this trap of sin, no one! The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak! Matthew 26:41 (NKJV)

We must stop downplaying the importance of the dangerous and deadly nature of the Deceiver. We must never think we cannot be influenced by the same sins. We must always pray that we do not fall into temptation just as our Savior, Jesus Christ, has instructed us to do. As we learn from our past and we should learn from our past, we will see a pattern of repetitive attacks launched by Satan and his followers against man. We were forewarned by Jesus of this because He was also tempted by Satan. He knows how strong of a pull Satan can have on the human spirit. He knows what tactics Satan uses to deceive man. Jesus knows because Jesus was tempted. He knows the capabilities of Satan's tactics and he knows the manipulating and deceptive powers Satan has. After all, he deceived man from the very beginning. It was the serpent who tempted Eve then Adam and convinced them that they could sin against God. Jesus knows what Satan is, what he stands for, what he wants, and how he intends on accomplishing his evil goals. This is why Jesus took our sins and bore them on the cross to free us from sin and bind the serpent.

We know about Satan. We know about his trickery and deception. We know about his intent. We have established what Satan wants and what he is willing to do to get what he wants, so why can't we learn how to avoid his relentless attacks? Why are we not using more, advanced spiritual warfare when we fight him? When are we going to take accountability to each other as believers and responsibility to ourselves and our families regarding our spiritual state-of-mind? When? The answer is actually so simple its almost ironic! Now! We must start taking control of the spiritual battlefield now! Because this is our duty as Christians and this is the only way we will prevail against the dark forces of Satan and his followers. He was already beaten at the Cross. We already have stomped his head underneath our feet by the Sacrifice of our Savior. We just need to keep his head under our feet until Jesus comes back to bring a New Kingdom. I am giving every believer their marching orders......................We cannot sit by idle any longer! God is our power and authority and we just need to exercise it through Him to keep the Deceiver where he belongs, beneath our feet. Trampled beneath our feet like the Lamb at Calvary! Amen!

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