Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Being all that I can be!

We were instructed by Jesus Christ himself to go out and be disciples for The Kingdom of God. The basic fundamentals of Christianity are: To gain a more intimate relationship with the Father here on earth, To live as Christians (as we are instructed in God's Word), and To Spread the Good News! We can choose to have a life as a born-again Christian, or to live as a born-again Christian! What do you choose? What will your legacy be as a Christian while you lived here in earth awaiting the New Kingdom of God?

I know of many ways to be of good cheer. I know how to try and "convert" someone to Christianity. I know of ways to help out the poor and provide relief to the widows. But do I know the true meaning of being a Christian or soldier for Christ. Do I really know what it means to give up everything for the Kingdom of God? Would I do this? How would I react if told to do this by Jesus Christ to my face?

I have to stop and think about this within its context. We have a mandate from God's own standing orders, His Word, the Scriptures, the Bible, and the Truth. Without slipping into legalism, this is something I need to take a closer look at. Those were the instructions of Jesus Christ before ascending into the Heavens to be with the Father. He gave us instructions on what we were to do and how we were to do it. Then God told us earlier through His prophets (Isaiah, Jeremiah, ....................) that we are to take care of the poor, widows, and needy. That we are to spread the Good News. Jesus just confirms this mandate to ensure our understanding of it and then gave us additional guidance before leaving us physically to be with the Father.

We know this to be true. We read this every time we open the Word. We hear this being preached. We see this being done by others on television and through other modern communication channels. We meditate on this. But, I can truly say that I haven't really done everything within my limitations to accomplish this.

I am holding myself accountable through the means of this blog to be more attentive to what the Holy Spirit is telling me in concert with the Scriptures. I read the Scriptures every day, I pray even more, and I am constantly communicating with God. I need to hit my knees more in complete humility towards God. I need to act more and say less. I need to be that shining light before all men and not that flickering spark. I need to apply what God says in His Word to every situation I find myself in, every problem I encounter, and every relationship I establish. Let the words of my mouth be edifying to God and let my actions be approved. Let me be that servant that He wants us to be and has called us to be. Let me actualize my Faith and be a true Christian! Amen!

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