Monday, December 14, 2009

Praise God!

The sole purpose of man's existence is to Glorify and Praise God. We live and breath to give God the glory He so rightly deserves. I personally give God praise and glory daily and, even hourly. I praise Him from when the Sun comes up to when it goes down!

Our praise to our Father and Creator should be something woven into the fabric of our spiritual garment which we put on and cleave close to throughout our daily walk with God. We should always give our Lord praise, whether it be on an important occassion or simply in everyday tasks.

Praise originated long before mankind was created and therefore, is part of God's plan. He says in His Word that if we won't praise Him, than the rest of His creation will. "Let everything that has breath or life praise the Lord!" Can you imagine watching animal and agriculture alike praising God in our place. What a huge humility check! I would find a very secluded corner to ball up in out of shame, nothing more, just pure and unadulterated shame!

Praise is:
1) Mandatory-God requires it,
2) Necessary-We need to do it,
3) Wonderful-The feeling is spiritual empowerment,
4) Enjoyable-Praise is a healthy and satisfying spiritual exercise,
5) Encouraging-We always come away from praise more mature in our relationship with God,
6) Renewing-Praise gives our spirit and soul new energy& strength,
7) Refreshing-Praise solidifies our appreciation & respect for God,
8) Influencial-Praise causes our general demeanor to change, becoming as a shining beacon to the world,
9) Cancerous-The results of praise show our absolute dedication to our Gracious God and the spiritual maturity and feeling of security in life,
10) Positive-Praise pleases God, pleases the one giving the praise, and exposes our true love for our Creator and Father!

It starts with praise and ends with praise. Praise for who God is, what God has done, how many people God loves, why we are worthy to come before God ourselves, and when we will see Him soon. So, praise God in everything you do and everything you say! Amen!

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