Friday, December 4, 2009

Spiritual Awareness!

Too many times we tend to use our faith to condemn or judge unbelievers and other believers. By pushing our faith and our own slanted doctrines, we are negating God's true intent for us, which is to free us from the shackles of sin through Grace and His son, Jesus Christ! Mark 7:13 (NKJV)

We curse ourselves to the point of death by taking the Truth and poisoning it through; legalism, holding stedfast to the traditions of men and not God, and by allowing Satan to twist and manipulate God's great message to us.

We need to step in and take back control of our intimate life with God by doing what He says in His Word and listening and obeying the Holy Spirit! We must strengthen our faith, engage our spiritual armor to always be prepared for Satans next attack, and equip ourselves with the proper and necessary tools needed to defend ourselves from Satan; knowledge of and in the Word of God, to grow much closer to God through the Holy Spirit so we will be able to understand and acknowledge when the Holy Spirit is talking to us.

This is what we are to do because Satan is so relentless in his attacks on us (1 Peter 5:8 NKJV), and his influence is cancerous to our relationship with God if we are not prepared both spiritually and mentally. The Deciever will swoop in and take from us whatever we leave available to him to the point of taking of our very souls. We must first recognize that Satan is always on duty and he never sleeps, not even for one moment.

Understand your enemy and you have just taken the first step to winning the war. We were endowed with choice and we should use this choice to choose God! He will always give us what we need if we will give Him what He requires from us................Amen!

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