Saturday, December 26, 2009

Why I am what I am!

I am a born-again Christian! I am a free man! I am finally free..........................

I was a lost and now I am found, was blind and now I see! Those words ring so true to me. I am so thankful to God for allowing me to find satisfaction in grace, completion in love. I am grateful for Jesus Christ for His earthly sacrifice of atonement for OUR sins!

I realize that as a human, I am so pathetic standing alone, but of so much worth as a child of God. I am the most important me to God. To think that God created me in His own image, an image of the most awesome beauty and exotic and mysterious wonder. I am a CHILD of God. I am His own replica.....................I cannot feel sad when I think about this. I find it increasingly difficult to be selfish when faced with Christ's sacrifice on my behalf.

What a huge and very impacting placement of value to be a child of God! I mean little to the world but the world to God. I hold His affection close and love divine. I am different than His angelic host, higher than the rest of creation. It is so humbling to just attempt to comprehend my place in the Kingdom of God and my level of worth in His echelon of value. What a wonderful feeling to know that even though I was born into sin, I am free of it if I choose.

It is so very awesome but also so very confusing to try and understand the what, where, why, when, & how of divinity while being so human in nature? It is somewhat surreal to humanize the realization of God's unlimited power and sovereignty. Irrational to try and replicate His knowledge of the universe's very workings. Why can't we just let it be so? Why can't we just allow life to be? Why can't we just accept it?

I am finding my personal spiritual value or worth far outweighs my fleshly desire to know more. I now realize that to live is to conform to God's laws and commands. I find it increasingly easy to surrender my self to my God. To give me to Him. To let God be God and stop trying to determine the why of everything and everyone. I understand that I am only human and carry the burden only if I cause it to be so. To surrender myself to God is to give Him my burdens and problems. To ask Him for assistance and receive His love. Matthew 11:28-30 (NKJV)

Let me continue to love you Lord God Almighty and be the person you want to see me be. Let me do your will and live according to your precepts. Let me never fall into sin, but if I am tempted, let me use my knowledge of your Word and wisdom from your Holy Spirit. Let me be constantly thankful and let my light shine to the world so that they may see and believe in you. Let nothing cover my light, to stop it from shining or cause it to dim. But let my light become stronger and stronger until it is a flame oh God! I love you God and I lift my voice to worship you. I live to praise you and love you more and more each day............................Amen!

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