Monday, December 7, 2009

We fall short of your Glory Oh God!

I have learned certain and all-to-common lessons from life which have only served to strengthen my intimate relationship with the Almighty God. I have been through very difficult and trying times with the good blessing of always coming out a better me. This is only because of God's mercy and continual grace which is in His nature. He is such an awesome God. I am awestruck by the immensity of His wonderful and intricate creation and divine designs and inner workings of His intended plan for mankind. I am perplexed by His delicate and detailed patterns which everyday life follows as it progresses forward through the space of time. The simple yet complicated human mind is a wonder all its own. The human body, impossible to replicate yet perfectly fitted, work of His super powerful omnipotence. All of creation designed with a purpose in mind, a part to play in the wonderful cycle of life. And to think, we are the icing on the cake so-to-say of all His creation. We, us human beings, so important that even the angels are in awe. What an awesome God. What a merciful Creator. He created the very anatomy of life for His benefit. We are here to worship and please Him. We are here to make Him well pleased. We are here to develop an intimate relationship with Him with the expectation of an even better future when He comes back to reclaim His children and take away all of the pain and suffering that the human race has so immensely caused on ourselves. God's creation is so beautiful if you stop to absorb the reality of the beauty. It reveals so much of God's nature if you pause to actually appreciate it. He has given so much to each one of us, His children. We all have an inheritance awaiting us which, by spiritual comparison, minimizes even the most wealthy of people on our planet. Our future reward for absolute obedience to and love of God is life everlasting with our Father and His Son, Jesus Christ and all His heavenly host. 24/7/365 infinite fellowship, laughing, loving, rejoicing, spiritual ecstasy, music so rich to our ears, and the awe inspiring glory of our loving Father, God.

We mean so much to God. This is so evident, not only by His son, Jesus Christ, but also by His perpetual grace which He constantly shows to us in every different and unique way. It is amazing to realize that I have a Father who, not only created me, but also loves me regardless of how I am towards Him. He does not care about what we do wrong, He only cares that we continue to seek forgiveness for our wrongs and that we make a constant attempt to stop the behavior that He has instructed us to avoid and abstain from it in the future. You see, God's forgiveness is guaranteed. Can you say the same for your forgiveness? I know that I find it very difficult to forgive if someone has done something that really hurt me or damaged my personal reputation.

But, the reward to me far outweighs the journey! I am thrilled that I call myself a child of my God, the One and only True God. The Lord God Almighty! My Savior and Hero. I could literally fill an entire book with ways to worship you, God! I could sing wonders to your Holy name all the day long. There are not enough words to describe your splendor and wonders. I am infatuated by your creation and awestruck by your designs. Your nature continues to show itself in every thing every day. Your grace continues to save me from myself. Your mercy gives me hope and your love keeps me safe. Your kindness is every where and runs through me and seeps out my body like sweat through my pores. Your love shows through me like a landscape through a window. I cannot stop reading your Word and meditating on your law. Your lessons for your chosen people teach me how to live and your Holy Spirit teaches me how to speak. Your Son has left me with an example of how to act and most importantly how to love. I have learned true compassion from your awesome Son and how to treat my earthly brothers and sisters. I find the comfort of your Word to be my rock and I cannot stop the feeling of intensity in love that I have for you. I take your Word with me everywhere. I read it daily and dream about it nightly. You fill my thoughts and I bath in your love. I long for the day when I can meet you face-to-face. I dream of seeing your glory and being close to you. I greatly anticipate being together with you, your Son, and all my brothers and sisters in Christ. I cannot comprehend the intensity of your glory as you describe in your Word. But, I look forward to being in your presence every day for evermore. Lord, I am not afraid of anything except being away from you. I pray daily for your constant love and grace in my worthless earthly endeavors and only wish that I can grow closer to you by the day. Let me not fall into temptation but always be strong in your Word as you have instructed me to do. Let me be a bright and shining beacon to the world of your awesome and inspiring Glory and Love. Let me bring others to your love so they may also enjoy a life filled with your Glory and Love. If I may fall, pick me up, If I fail, help me succeed, and If I die, may I live! All praise and glory be to you my God, my Father of all creation. Amen!

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