Tuesday, November 10, 2009

God's true intent for us!

God created humans! Not the other way around. Sometimes, we tend to think that we created God and in doing so, we have control over how we relate to Him. Well, we didn't, and despite what we may think, we don't!

God created everything else also! Humans, or mankind, are not alone on earth. We are just sharing God's wonderful creation with all of His other creations. But, we, unlike the rest of creation, have been tasked with a very important responsibility.....................To take dominion over the rest of creation or to take care of it. This is a huge responsibility. But, if God didn't think we were up to the task, He would not have given us this responsibility. After all, God never gives us more than we can handle. And, He always gives us a back-up plan for every situation we encounter or problem we will face!

The human race is so important to God that He gave His only begotten Son to die for us so we could have eternal life with Him in Heaven! That's right! We mean more to God than any other part of His creation.

God created mankind in His image, had His only Son die for us, then arranged for us a way to be with Him eternally. What more proof do we need than this? How much more does God need to give to show us how much He really loves us? Why can't we accept this token of love which He freely gives in order to show us His true intentions for us? We are working out all of the kinks in our life hose to prepare us for eternity with God. We are being tried through the sparks of temporary life to withstand the flames of eternal life! God wants us to grow closer to Him and that is the sole purpose for our lives here on earth. To grow closer to God so, when we move forward to eternal life with Him, we can enjoy it in complete love and perfection! We are being polished here on earth to shine in eternal life. Thats it! Pretty simple huh? I think so................

Because, our flesh combined with Satan's deception tells us otherwise. We have been given the world and dominion over it included with a guarantee to eternal life with God and the rest of Heaven. This is as easy as it may sound. God is not an author of confusion, but order. He has made our salvation a very simple process.......................Grace through believing in His Son and doing what we are told by Him. He has given us His instructions through the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit to guide us and act as our Advocate to help get us through our earthly life and into our next level of life with God, eternal life!

We just need to believe. Believing comes from faith, and faith from hope. So, we need to have hope in a better life ahead of us, have faith in God, and believe what He says is true and will happen as He says it will happen! Whether we know it or not, believing is part of our everyday life. We believe that when we cross the street, passing vehicles will not run us over. We believe that when someone tells us that they will pay us for the hours we work, they will follow through with their promise. We believe that when we buy cereal from the grocery store, it is not tainted and will provide our body with much needed elements like it says on the box. We believe in every day situations. So then, why do we find it so hard to believe in God? Why can't we believe in something bigger and better for us? Why can't we put our faith in a lifestyle that is filled with love and hope versus hate and bitterness?

We need to understand that God believes in each one of us! Yes, He has hope that we will take that step of faith and reach out and take His hand. He has faith in us to do the right thing and accept Him and His Son. He has faith, why can't we?

I, for one, am a walking testimony to the wonderful Grace and Love God extends to mankind. That means each one of us has the same opportunity to secure the same exact prize! Eternal life with a Father who loves us more than we can possibly and mentally comprehend! God has taken my life and changed it to be more meaningful and full of purpose. I was going down and crashing rapidly and God had already saved me, I just didn't know it. That's right! We already have a place in God's family, all we have to do is reach out and secure it.

Sadly, most people go through their entire earthly lives without ever securing their next life with God. Most people never reach their purpose or fulfill their life "path". This is because they miss the biggest discount of all, true freedom through eternal salvation from God. And even more sad is that most "Christians" never reach true intimacy with God because although they think they are walking with God, they are so far off the path...................We need to never allow this to happen! We must get closer and closer to Jesus and in doing so, we are achieving intimacy with God. The closer we are to God, the farther we are from Satan! The farther we are from Satan, the bigger the opportunity we have of gaining true intimacy with God.

What is greater than God, more evil than the devil, the poor have it and the rich want it? The answer is below.............................................

Make a choice today! Choose eternal life filled with love and kindness. Choose God. As Joshua said, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!" It does not matter whether you have sinned or not. God already covered your sins with the sacrifice of His Son. There is nothing you have done that is greater than the blood atonement sacrifice will cover. God created you, don't you think He knows you? He made us and everything else. There is nothing greater than God, nothing! Amen.