Saturday, January 23, 2010

Its good to be a Christian!

I have found that being a Christian is not everything I thought it would be. Actually, it is nothing close to what i thought it would be. Its better! Its sooooooo much better..........................................

I fought my "demons" for years prior to my recent life re dedication to God. I had my share of demons like anyone but I didn't have the foggiest idea on how to handle them. I had no inkling of an clue on how to manage my stress and I definitely didn't have any coping mechanisms in place for battling Satan and his vicious attacks. I was at a dead-end street in my life and falling rapidly. My world was spiraling out of control and I was scared. Scared of why. Scared of what to do. Scared of who to go to. I needed help!

Not until recently with my ugly divorce did I realize what was wrong in my life. I finally came to an understanding that the problem was not why but what. What I was doing that was causing all of the turmoil and pain. I was living in sin! Kill it, cut it, and can it anyway you want to, I was living in plain old sin. I was serving myself and Satan. I was so wrapped up in what I thought was making me happy and with who I thought was keeping me sane when God had a much different plan in mind for me.

You see, I believed that I was in control of my own life and therefore, my own destiny. I had created this idea years before and years of self-indulgence and following fleshly lusts had not helped. I honestly thought that I was the one who had complete control of my life and no one else but me. I didn't think for one minute that Satan, the Devil, the Serpent could possibly control me or my actions. I didn't think that God has blessings in store for everyone but it is up to them to seek Him out to receive those blessings. What I failed to understand and only recently discovered is that Satan loves to manufacture feelings of lust, hate, envy, resentment, offense, and so much more in our lives and through our experiences. It is Satan who was the first to sin and Satan who convinced man that we could be "like God." After all, he thought he could be like God and this is the root reason for his fall in the first place. Did you know that he was second in command to God? That he was adored by God and cherished in Heaven prior to his fall? Isaiah and Ezekiel talk about how God mentions, then Lucifer, in an endearing manner. But this once Chief Angelic Being became the most sinful being to ever exist. His own pride and lust for God's power and idea that he could be his own god became a deadly mistake. He fell from Heaven and brought sin to earth. Yes, man did have choice and chose sin, but Satan was the major player in that incident. His whole existence as Satan has been to convince man that we don't need God and that we should choose self over salvation. I did for years. Those were the most lonely and painful years of my life.

Then I discovered that even though we are automatically born into sin, we reach a point in our lives where we can decide if we will continue to sin or start to live. In choosing our path, many of us have peer guidance while some have influencing situations, but in some way or another, we all reach a point where we are able to choose life or death. As Moses addressed Israel, "Oh that you choose life!" We are all responsible for our own salvation, our own "destiny" and we will all have to make that decision. People prayed for me for over twenty years. Over two decades, they patiently prayed, never interfering only praying. God always answers our prayers. He doesn't always give us the answer we want, but He will answer them. He says if we ask, we will receive, if we pray, He will listen to us. Oh, the power in and of prayer, but I will get to that in an upcoming post..........

Looking back in hindsight, I realize that I could have made much different decisions which would have ended in much different results. I could have saved myself allot of pain and allot of grief. But we weren't given the ability to redo our lives, only the privilege of reviewing them. God gives us more than one chance to choose life, "Oh, that we choose it!" I come to tears and hit my knees when I think about all the times I could have died and should have been hurt because, I know that "But for the grace of God" I would not be here today. And I realize that as short as my life has been, I still have a future of eternity with Him. Here is a poem I came up with about the power of prayer.

I'm in need of a miracle, some money to buy,
a little morsel of bread for the hungry, the child who's mother will die,
The lame who's never walked, the blind who can't see,
the deaf and the mute and the widow to be,
I pray for the cold, the young and the old,
all God's children with stories untold,
I thank God for shelter and food on my table,
I thank Him for health and just being able,
to give to the poor and provide them a sight,
Of God's awesome grace and powerful might,
so give me the strength to face the new day,
And give me a plan, a path, and a way,
to spread kindness everywhere, with everyone in every way,
God give me what I need to show them your love,
just one little miracle that comes from above......................

I pray for miracles every day. I pray that I can continue to soldier on with God in the lead. May He bless all of you as much as He has blessed me. Please pray for me also because you can never get too much prayer. Amen!!!

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