Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A little story about my coming to understanding. Part 2

So, after coming to the understanding that we all have an end, whether we believe or not, I continue on to my furtherance of the faith. Readers should note that these are my own personal angles, views, experiences, and opinions. No thought of condemnation is considered or should be considered in the writings of my own hand. I am simply giving some insight to my walk with God, the One true God, the Lord of Heaven and Earth. I am revealing wonderful and awesome things God has entitled me to and given me the privilege of experiencing. I thank Him daily and am grateful for the ability to be able to write for Him. I refer to my understanding of the present, seeing as how I will never come to completion of understanding, I write about the journey to the day when my Savior comes back, a glorious day that will be!

I realized that to forcefully disregard any notion of a higher power is simply to admit that I am in control of my own destiny and that thought scares me. The thought of having to decide my fate based on my own actions, whether good or bad, is frightening. I would assuredly fail if this were the case. But it is not the case. The idea of self-deity is hard because so many find it so difficult to make a decision or decisions about their life-after-death on their own. Just the thought of life-after-death makes most people change the subject or at least very uncomfortable. Why is that? Why do we put so much stake into right now and so little thought into where we are going after we physically die. We are supposed to not worry about what tomorrow holds, but we were never instructed to throw our final destination to the wind either. We can live for today while securing our tomorrow. I mean this in an eternal sense of course. I am referring to the "Where we go" part of tomorrow. To think otherwise is insecurity and much to the disadvantage of the thinker. We must stand on God's Word when He says that to those of us (the Saints) who hold fast to the faith, the "second death" has no power.

I also discovered, after much trial and error on my part (ongoing to this day) that Jesus Christ died on the cross to give us life! Not just to give us eternal life, although that is the main theme, but to give us life..........................life now, life here, life of present! Jesus' sacrifice took some things away, fulfilled others, and implemented yet more. He was victorious by His atonement for our sins so we can be victorious. He took our pain away so we could be pain free, I say this in a literal sense. I have spent most of my life in and out of hospitals, and under the knife so much I have that smell, that sterile hospital stench which is permanently embedded in my nose. I have undergone multiple surgeries and Ive completely lost count of the times Ive visited the doctor's office. Even so, even with all of these worldly medical procedures and diagnosis', Ive still maintained that I am not destined to be in pain for the rest of my life. I am convinced that through the power of the Blood of the Lamb and nothing more, I am healed and I am victorious! By His stripes we are healed, He bore our weaknesses and through weakness we are made strong.

No amount of pain or diagnosis or "professional opinions" will ever keep me from believing in the Word of God! No doctor or expert or professional is better or bigger than God! If there was one thing in this world that I could grab and hang on to, it is the Word of God. Why? Because I have seen it fulfilled in my short life. I have been witness to it's miraculous and mysterious authority. I have seen others healed from their "permanently disabling sicknesses" and even my own powerful and encouraging testimony of healing. Nothing can keep me from the wonderful love of our Father, not even earthly death. It has no control over me or my soul. I have already dedicated my soul to God thereby putting my foot on the head of the Serpent. I am a child of God and will, therefore, participate in the future of His Kingdom! He says so in His Word. He ensures those of us who believe that we will partake in His riches. We will all have a room in His house. What an honor. What a future to hold onto.

Why dissect the existence of God when the existence of God carries so much happiness and love? Why argue senselessly over the very purpose of Jesus Christ when He died for all of us. He died for us and bore our sins so we can receive Him and the Father and everything good that follows. He died for everyone and offers eternal life of fulfillment to anyone who wants it. Anyone who makes the decision to get it. You have to want it before you can get it and get it before you can experience it and experience it before you will understand it and understand it before you can live it! I am so thankful for God's grace and eternal mercy. I am grateful for the people He has decided to place in my life. I live to worship Him and serve Him and nothing else really matters. Everything else is just extra..............................................Amen!

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