Wednesday, January 13, 2010


One of the most important aspects of religion is "where", where are we going when we die? Most cultures have norms, traditions, and religious beliefs. But of those varying religious beliefs, which ones tell of what the long term goal or purpose is? What do they say about our souls? What do they say about where we are headed? Have you stopped to "ponder" your future life or death?

I have. When I was very young (about 5 or 6 years old) I began to develop this fear of death. Coming from an over-zealous and very cultish religious background, I was taught that death was imminent and hell was the alternative to Heaven. I was taught that sinning lead to a death more horrible than anything that could humanly be imagined. I'm sorry to state that, in hindsight, I believe my parents used the Bible and Hell to scare religion into me. It worked........for a few years more.........then I began to slip into a life of confusion, sin, and fear. But still, with all of my sinning and rebellion against God, I still had the fear of death and eternal damnation of Hell. Images of burning for infinity always haunted me and the fear of dying became a regular nightmare throughout my early years and into my twenties all the way up to rededicating my life to God! It was not necessarily a bad thing to believe in hell as the alternative to Heaven, it was just used as the tool to convince me to become a Christian, versus salvation by the Grace of God.

I only recently realized how "hell" fits into the schematics of our eternal future. Hell is the alternative to the New Heaven and Earth. Hell is reserved for Satan and his followers. But, those of us who have a relationship with God and are true believers have a reservation waiting for us in this New Kingdom with the Father, Jesus, the Heavenly host, and all the other Saints. Jesus told us that he is preparing a place for us in His New Kingdom. And God told John (Revelation) that the second death or "hell" has no power over us. Christ's "death" on the cross was the elimination of eternal death for those of us who believe. He took away Satan's tool called "death" and replaced it with a privilege called "Life!" What an act of grace!

So, we know there is a place called Hell or Hades and we know who is bound for that place because it says so in the Bible. We also know that if we are walking with God and our faith is strong, we are lined up with the Word and Holy Spirit, then we have salvation awaiting us and the "second death" or place called hell has no power over us. We have VICTORY over death by Christ's sacrifice for us. By the GRACE of God we are saved, not the wonderful acts of kindness we perform or amount of time we spend in the pew or reading the Scriptures. We can now approach the Throne of God, the Most Holy of Holy's through His Son, Jesus Christ!

Let us now activate our "boldness" in everything we do and everything we say. Let us not waste anymore time and start telling the world the biggest newsflash of all, eternal salvation comes through knowing and believing Jesus' and through God the Father. There does not have to be anymore confusion or fear. No more frivolous fighting or pointless arguing. As the old adage goes, Why beat a dead horse with a stick? Let us pursue life and life eternal. But let us also enjoy life while here on earth and prepare ourselves for life in our future. Let us look forward to a future of love and happiness, not anger and sadness.

If we can't believe that there is something better in our lives and for our lives and that we have a future, then why believe in anything at all? If we can't spend our short time here on earth happy and content, then why wake up in the morning? What good does the pursuit of wealth and status do us if gaining it takes away our very souls? We can all be prosperous and happy. Really! No joke folks! We are all intended to have wealth and status, but not our own way. We are all "destined" to have a place of importance in our lives. This can be achieved only through the wonderful grace of God, the God of heaven and earth. The one true God. The Lord Almighty.......Slice it, dice it, and add some pepper..................................It always comes back to God. He is the only true way of "living" while we are living. Achievement is only possible if we have a future to look back on our past of achievements. A future is only possible if we "believe" that there is something better out there for us to experience than just living and we don't just settle for a normal life. Something better is only possible if we live according to God's plan for us and not our own plan for us!

Let God tell you what to do, what to say, and how to live. We already have a place in His Kingdom, He is just waiting for us to acknowledge this and accept it at the same time. Once we do this, He will show us things that we never knew were otherwise possible. We will not always agree and might not always understand but we will definitely enjoy. A life with God in control is a life lived. He wants so much more for us and will give it to us if we give us to Him. Amen!

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