Saturday, February 13, 2010

When one soul is saved!

The Bible says that all of Heaven rejoices when one soul is saved. If all of Heaven rejoices at the newly obtained grace of God, what if we picked up our pace down here on earth? What, just what if we began to expand and step-up spreading of the Good News? What a party Heaven would be having! Think about it. I havn't done statistics on this, I will not because it would dip into legalism, but just imagine a 24/7/365 Holy party in Heaven. Constant euphoria in a divine utopia! To much to imagine, to difficult to humanly imagine!

We must hit the ground running with spreading the Good News. We must get motivated in a way that we have never been motivated before. I, for one, am so excited about getting that news out to the world. Most of us have jobs, others different and varied engagements. But, as believers, as Christians, we were instructed, mandated, and ordered by Jesus Christ to get on it! We must not procrastinate. We must not bail. We must not shy away from our duty as Christians and we must get proactive!

Pray for me....pray for my work for the Kingdom..........pray for those I will meet, that God renews my strength every morning. That I will mount up with wings of an eagle and run and not be weary, that I may walk and not faint. Pray for me as I approach the day anew. Pray for me fellow brothers and sisters.

I pray daily for strength because of the enemy who is constantly looking for ways to hinder me. I pray for constant guidance from the Holy Spirit so that I may choose my words with wisdom and they may impress godliness on those I am ministering to. I pray that all my fellow warriors are also given daily renewals of strength that we can all represent our awesome Father. And lastly, I pray that I continue to die daily to my own flesh so that I might receive life through Jesus Christ. Give me power oh Lord! Give me my Spiritual Armor to fend off the devil. And give me more of you every day. Amen!

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