Tuesday, February 16, 2010

You are my God! Oh, that I may be called your child!

There is revival in the air. A whisper it has begun, a roar it will become. God is real. He is showing His awesome nature by giving us grace in our time of need. His mercy endures forever!

We are living in unsure times. Look to history and it will present the same story over and over and over again. Look to Israel, God's chosen people and you will see a pattern begin to emerge. Fast forward to the present, do you notice anything relative? See it? It’s there......it’s so very clear that we are approaching the hour of finality. It is an awesome thing to be so close. We must not worry. Fear is faith falling away. We must remain calm in these stormy times. We are not experiencing anything Jesus himself didn't prophecy. We have received our forewarnings, let us now heed them!

We will reap what we sow, so let us sow a promise. The promise that God will not forsake us. Let us go out and sow love. Let’s go out and sow the greatness of God, our Jehovah Jirah. He will provide as He always has. Let not the past be forgotten lest the future be doomed. We must cling to God more now than ever before. Draw close to God and HE WILL DRAW CLOSE TO YOU! Flee the devil and he will flee from you!

Take back control of your life! You are a child of God, heir to His Kingdom, heir by faith, by the blood of Jesus Christ! Stomp on Satan's head!!! Jesus will when His time has come. Scriptures say that He will make His enemies a footstool. Get a righteous anger towards the devil, that old serpent. So, brethren, let us use Satan as a doormat. He cannot control what he does not own. You belong to God, made in His own image!

We will be victorious! WE WILL WIN! Why? Because we have GOD! If God is for me, who can be against me? No one! Separate yourself from death. Distance yourself from the enemy. Jesus has already won the war, you must only win the battle. We have been given our Spiritual Armor and it is bulletproof. It can stop anything the devil throws at you. It will! You will prevail, there is no doubt. Do not doubt, not one little bit. Doubt gives way to fear and fear gives way to defeat and defeat gives way to death. So, stand up, dust yourself off, call on God and He will break down the wall of doubt. His glory is our hope, His love our strength. Believe in God and He will believe in you.

We must fight until our Savior has returned. We must not procrastinate. We shall not waver. Our God is an awesome and mighty God, the only true God. Let us bow down and worship Him for all He has done for us. Let us give Him the praise He is so worthy of.

"Oh God, forgive my iniquities, blot out my transgressions from before me. Take my sins and wash them away. Let your countenance shine upon me every day that I might bask in your Glory! Oh, that I am worthy to be called your son, show me the way I must go and let me not fall into temptation. I know you are God, I know you are Holy, Holy, Holy! Keep me close to you for all I fear in this short life is falling away from you. Hold me in your arms and carry me when I cannot go on any further. Give me strength when I am weak and through your Son's sacrifice I live! Bless me and those around me so they may partake in your Glory! Amen!" -Richard Mathewson

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