Monday, March 8, 2010

Believe and defeat the devil!

We are in a war. This war is different than other wars. It is spiritual, not physical. But it is also more dangerous and the end result is our very souls. It has been waged since before mankind was formed and created by God. It has been active since that time and will continue to remain active until Jesus Christ comes back to make His enemies His footstool. Isaiah 14 talks of Lucifer's (now Satan) fall from Heaven, from his seat of status as Chief of the Angels of Heaven. Although he had everything, he wanted yet more. He thought of himself higher than the Most High God. He wanted to be higher than God and so he was cast down from his position in Heaven to the lowest on earth. Since that time, he has been trying to rally mankind to follow him in his campaign against God. He uses flattery and lies to manipulate man into believing he is something more than the Devil. After all, one-third of Heaven's angels followed him and were also cast out of Heaven down to earth. So he is always trying to strengthen his ranks. Mankind is the mission, our souls the target.

Satan constantly uses vices to keep us in bondage to him. He uses addiction, affliction, and temptation. He puts all of these evil born attributes against us or in us if we are weak and unready for his attacks. Sickness is not natural to man. It was introduced after man's fall in the Garden of Eden. Sickness is our enemy. It has since been conquered through the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. He bore our sicknesses and pain. By His stripes we are healed! We do not have to stay in a state of sickness or pain. We do not have to continue to bear these burdens. It is not supposed to be. It is a result of unbelief in God and His divine ability to take care of us. It is a tactic of the enemy but, if we believe, than we can overcome it just as it was overcome by Jesus! We must call on our God and use the Holy power in the name of Jesus Christ to activate our faith in His abilities and capabilities. It absolutely works if we believe.

The issue is that Satan gets us to believe that we are powerless to defend ourselves from this sickness. That we are only human and cannot perform supernatural powers of healing. That healing was something only Jesus Christ and His disciples did in a fairy tale story in the Bible long ago. That we are supposed to remain in this state of pain or sickness. Or that the Bible is just words and cannot be actualized or applied to real problems or issues. This is where FAITH is necessary. We must have the faith to believe that we have the ability to heal ourselves and beat the odds regardless of others opinions or professional help. We must break free these chains of this bondage which Satan keeps us in. We must always be on guard, constantly weary of Satan and his ever-present evil powers. We must build up our spiritual health to form a wall of divine protection against the devil. Do you notice how these are all action words?

We must acknowledge that there is a problem, identify the problem, isolate that problem, then begin to fight the problem with prayer, fasting, Bible reading, meditating on the Word, and assistance from fellow Christians. Never verbally connect the problem to yourself. Do not agree with the problem or accept the problem as natural or a common thing. By accepting sickness or pain, we are allowing Satan to keep us in bondage. We need to begin to bind the devil in everything and everywhere with everyone. We need to bind up the devil by using the name of Jesus Christ and acting out on our faith in His healing power. We are ourselves able to heal through what Jesus has already given us. It is by His precedence that we can heal sickness, bind up the devil, and cancel any lingering evil the devil has tried to keep over us. We must become battle-minded and versed in the Scriptures to enable us to begin to walk in truth and activate the spiritual power Jesus Christ gave to us through the Father.

Satan uses defeat, we have the Truth! Satan uses a losing mentality; we have the mindset of Jesus who is the Truth! Satan can only win if we allow him. We are conquerors in Christ Jesus through God. It is because of His sacrifice that we have salvation. It is through His grace that we have life. But, we need to stop settling for second best and begin striving for first place in our spiritual walk of faith. Jesus temporarily left, the Holy Spirit remained, and God has always been there. Stop letting the devil, who has already lost, win! Do we know that even though we must still fight daily battles that the war has already been won? That the devil can only go as far as we decide to let him go? It is true and very real! We are conquerors through what Jesus Christ has already done for us. We are above the devil and more powerful than any evil thing. But, we must tap into that faith which enables this power. We must start thinking in that mindset which puts the devil to flight. We must take captive all our thoughts and control our way of thinking so as not to allow any room for another visit from Satan. He is powerless to us if we believe in Jesus Christ and exercise our faith in God's omnipotence. We will win!!! Amen.

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