Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Take the butterfly. It begins as an egg. Then it slowly grows to a larva. It is bare in description, actually pretty ugly. Very distasteful, it must shed its skin several times to accommodate further growth. It has one more stage of growth before coming to full maturity. Each extra level of growth it becomes something much different than before as it changes colors and shape. As is goes into the pupa stage, you notice it has all but stopped any physical movement as it sets in its outer protective layer while continuing to grow. It is not at all attractive at this point in its maturity stage but it continues to grow none-the-less. But it is all the time developing. Stage after stage. As time progresses it begins to shed its cocoon image and something beautiful happens at this point. All of the sudden and without warning it transforms into a beautiful vibrant colorful creature which fly’s on the wind with weightlessness in its wings. Just the simple glance at this beautiful and intricate creature can soften a hard heart. You wonder as you watch it go about its business, “How did it go from an ugly worm to a beautiful creature?” You begin to faze into a positive mindset yourself, still transfixed on its glowing beauty. You begin to feel yourself floating on the breeze, soaring above the earth.

This is what we replicate as believers in Christ Jesus. We begin as ugly [sinful] beings. Brought into this world with a stigma not our own. We begin to slowly develop becoming better and improved as time goes on. We reach a point in our development where our ugly [sinful] attribute becomes apparent in our lives. We realize that the reality is we are just a shell of what we want to be. Then, Christ comes along and in some way, maybe through someone we know or don't know, He makes His presence noticed. It could be through an experience or something that happens totally unexpected to us. But He is there. We know it and we acknowledge His presence because it gives us this feeling of fullness. We can't pin this feeling down but, we like it because it completes us. It gives us happiness and reason. A real purpose to live.

We begin to want more of Him. We don't know why, we just know. We begin to notice more of Him in more of us. The more we pursue Him, the more He reveals Himself to us. The pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place. One after one. Little by little. But it is enough. It is enough because we are going through a process. One which is progressively better and better. All of the sudden, we understand Him. We finally realize our absolute desire for His presence and we want it more than ever. We feel this natural dependence on His presence because it brings us peace. It is true passion. It satisfies our very soul. It fulfills every need we have ever had. Things which once were important to us we can't even remember and we approach every day anew. Our whole outlook on life has completely changed and we don't care anymore about anything but getting more of Him.

You have just become a fully matured butterfly. You are beautiful in every way. You are given everything you will ever need through and from Him. He is Jesus Christ. Our Servant, Savior, Sustainer, and Soul mate all in one. There is nothing that you cannot do through Christ. Use Him. Lean on His strength. He is strong in our weakness. Go to Him with every problem, question, comment, request, and idea you ever have. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He is always on call. So, beautiful butterfly, give Him back what He has given you.....LOVE. He loves you more than you can ever possibly know and this will never change. We look back on our lives and wonder “How could Jesus accept my ugliness and transform it into beauty?” As we navigate through our lives, we begin to realize that we are who we are because of Christ Jesus. For in Christ Jesus we are a new creation and old things are passed away with all things having become new. Selah!

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