Monday, March 15, 2010

Faith and Application!






Hebrews 11:6 It is impossible to please God without FAITH! (NLT)

Religion is man’s own creation in an attempt to validate their search for the truth. Religion is NOT God! Belief in God is the beginning of FAITH! Walking with God is the proof of that FAITH! Salvation is the finality [full circle] of that FAITH!

Q. So, should we continue to live in fear that we do not see this FAITH?

A. If we are in fear, we are not walking in FAITH!

Q. How do we know what FAITH is?

A. Stop reasoning everything, start actualizing your doubts! FAITH is the opposite of fear!

Q. How will I know that FAITH is working?

A. FAITH is made real in works!

Always remember and never forget that God has already provided us a life filled with abundance of everything we will ever need irrigardless of whether we decide to receive that life or not! Think of the baby rattlesnake……They are most potent after birth because that is when they possess all of their life supply [abundance] of poison [ability to acquire food and defend themselves]. Now, let’s substitute our own lives for this reptile…….As newborn babies, we have a life supply of abundance of provisions [blessings] given to ALL of us by our loving Father waiting in our love accounts to be withdrawn. We didn’t earn these automatic provisions [blessings] of abundance but, as children of God, we are entitled to His plan for our lives which includes unlimited blessings. Even though we didn’t earn these automatic provisions [blessings], if we choose to receive [through FAITH] these provisions [blessings], He will grant us [through His grace and our FAITH] these blessings. Yes, more than we could humanly imagine. Do you see this paradigm? We have, already set aside for us, a good life filled with blessings and surprises…………….Will we reach out and accept this life? Will we believe through FAITH?

Evaluate your life and ensure that you are pursuing [pleasing] God through FAITH! Where there is FAITH there cannot be fear. Selah!

God sometimes allows [not causes] us to endure afflictions so that we may see His grace and wonders work through the recovery process from those afflictions. He is a God of wonder and majesty, glorious in every way and everything so that we may see Him in everything we encounter and everything we experience. Although His nature is built on love and grace, He sees ways which will help us even when we do not. Our God does not think like us. God has other plans than us. Jeremiah 17:5, 7 says, “Cursed are those who put their trust in mere humans, who rely on human strength and who turn their hearts away from the Lord!”………“But blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence!” (NLT) But, God does not allow us to experience the same affliction again once we have reached completion [healing] of that affliction. In other words, once we have been healed from that affliction, we will continue to progress [move forward] not regress [move backward] back to that affliction. We also now have a testimony [healing] given us by God’s authority to use in the spreading of the Good News. God desires for us to move forward in life, not backwards. In the natural realm, we live a life that moves forward, not backwards, therefore we age and mature physically. We grow up not down. This same principle applies to our FATH walk. In the spiritual realm, we must always be prepared to step up our FAITH walk, strengthening our FAITH in everything we encounter and experience. We should always be willing to go to the next level of spiritual maturity. Use our past to discern our future. Wisdom comes with experience or past experiences. We must always seek deliverance and healing and not be content with possessing these afflictions or being in a state of stagnation. We are our own worst enemy. Additionally, Satan will pick up where we leave off. Satan desires for us to be content living in a state of stagnation [never progressing or improving] with our affliction. Our own human nature desires selfish ambition or self pity. Although opposite, these attributes of our human nature are very similar to the core of the problem...SELF! Until we realize our own feeble and very incapable human nature called weakness, we will never reach true intimacy with God. We cannot reach this intimacy with God because we are not acting in FAITH and are instead acting on our own limited abilities. Without FAITH, we will not see the end of the road or have hope. Hopelessness leads to depression, low self-esteem, feelings of little or no worth or value to society or self, and in many sad but very real situations, taking of one’s own life. All of these are effective and dangerous weapons which Satan uses in his conquest to separate us from the Father. A dangerous precedence was set in the Garden of Eden by Adam and Eve. They caved to their own understanding and thought process and made a choice to step out of the protection of God. They followed the first one to fall, Satan, and believed in a lie instead of walking in FAITH. Instantly they had their very first experience of FEAR. This occurred because they became separated from God. Sin or disobedience to God was the cause, Satan the tempter, to be like God the temptation. With this separation came pain or affliction. Our lives are a daily journey around traps, pits, and bumps in the road. We can navigate with the help of God. We will fall without it. Whenever we step out on our own, we have just left FAITH behind and stepped outside of the protection of God. We will not see the grace of God because it is impossible to please God without FAITH! Amen.

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