Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It is................

I cannot be silent! I am incapable of non-disclosure! I am constantly on guard for the next opportunity to let others know! To know about the feeling.....The life.....The thrill.....The power.....The amazing euphoria never before experienced by all of my five senses. I have not been the same since I received it and I cannot remember a time when I felt so good. I am recharged daily, always receiving, always learning. It is incomparable and unchangeable. Once you have it, you won't want anything else. It’s like a good cancer, always eating away at your innermost soul. But it is good, real good. It heals, repairs, but does not relent. It is always positive, never depressed, almost impossible to believe but so very real. It cannot be taken away from you and you won't want to give it up but, you will want to pass it on. It cannot be denied and will never die. Its construction is stronger than titanium. It will not be beat and cannot lose. It is absolutely foolproof, fireproof, and watertight. It is better than good. It is free but of the highest quality. It is beautiful on its own, needing no outside influence. Man cannot master it nor replicate it alone. It is, it is, it is…………….

The Love of God!

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