Thursday, March 25, 2010

My faith!

Faith is a subject of much debate and much deboggle. Faith is scrutinized by the critics and stumbled over by so many others. It is and has always been highly elusive in the pursuit of definition which has been described best in Hebrews 11:1 "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Simply put, to have FAITH is to believe in something or someone better.

As simple as this may sound, it is much more particular in nature. Faith has been attributed as the cause of much strife since the beginning of mankind and his constant dealings with the "higher power" otherwise known as God. Either, we don’t have it, can't master it, or spend entirely too much effort trying to prove its place and purpose in our lives. The theory of Faith and how it applies to our walk with God has been attacked relentlessly by the critics. They hold the view that everything must be reasoned and one can only hold what is in his hand. Anything else is simply imagined and cannot, therefore, be real. Many renowned people have attempted to debunk FAITH as we as Christians have labeled it. But, with all the attacks which have been constant and consistent, Faith still stands strong within the Christian community and needs no interpretation or explanation. It is self-existent and holds its own. FAITH does not need proof, it is self-evident. Most who possess it also possess strong character and will-power as additional life attributes. The value we assign various life trials depends on our ability to believe in a better future with God. It most always follows strong moral standards coupled with an ethical approach to our life.

I have observed in my short time as a believer that the greatest factor in learning to grow in Faith is to relinquish "control" to a belief system or Christianity. The opposite is true that we seem to feel that if we choose to have Faith, we are giving over control of our sanity to something hoped for but not seen. That is what scares [fear-the opposite of faith] us into hesitation the most. Losing control of our "realism" and putting our trust in something which is not readily available to our five natural senses. Man has a tendency to reason everything. We are constantly analyzing everything we do or observe. We want to rationalize everything we do with reason. I battled this negative habit for years. I had to see something to believe it. I refused to trust in something that I couldn't see or feel. I used to say, "If I can't prove it or see it for myself, than I can't believe in it." How wrong I was!~I just didn't want to give up control of my emotions to anyone else let alone God.

Only after exhausting all other possible avenues of handling my life's biggest and smallest problems did I begin to come to the understanding that life just wasn't working the way I thought it would. I began to notice that despite my effort or the effort of other influential people in my life, no one could help improve my life. Nothing was working for me and it was only proving to me how helpless we really are without God. I "ran" or controlled my life for over twenty years without any progress or noticeable change or improvements. I reached a point where I knew in my heart that, as unpopular as it may be and "uncool" it might seem, I needed some kind of outside help with my life's problems because I was getting nowhere real fast. I actually reached a point where I didn't care about what others thought; I just wanted change and so desperately needed it.

This is where God comes into the picture. He was willing to forgive me for all of my countless sins against Him and other people. Just like that! I was a new person with a new life and new agenda...To please Him and do what He intended for me to do, not what I wanted to do. You see, I had spent over six years of actual law enforcement work, three years of investigations in the private realm as a Private Investigator, and two years as a special  investigator for the government. I have the experience and knowledge of an intermediate police officer and was assigned to many different and interesting positions while law enforcement. My certifications and schools fill a normal resume and I had "tried" everything there was to do in that career field. I was headed forward to a continued career in law enforcement with the government and I was going to fulfill my dream of becoming federal law enforcement and nothing was going to stop me! I almost reached my goal. Then something changed...My whole life as I knew it changed. All of the sudden, my service in the military combined with my short tenure as a police officer resulted in several medical issues which started to become a real problem and the surgeries began to increase. I began to see doctors weekly and my life went from becoming a federal police officer to becoming a medical test dummy and doctor’s nightmare. I lost total control of my physical state and eventually, my emotional state as well. It was because of my physical impairments that I lost everything I had worked so hard to achieve. I was told by a Nuerosurgeon point-blank that my almost nine good years of investigations experience were over. Down the drain basically overnight. My marriage was quick to follow and it was at this point that reality hit me right smack in the face. I was not in control anymore and despite my ability to ignore certain problems; I could not ignore what was happening to me. I had reached my "rock-bottom!"

I sought out God. I had done this before but without such sincerity. I truly needed change and change is what I got. Turns out, God was just waiting for me all along. He has a life lined up for each one of us. The flipside is that we get so consumed with our own vices that we miss His purpose. We are so intent on proof and reason and whatever else we can drum up that we pass His purpose right by without even slowing down to notice it. We busy ourselves with ourselves. Everything we do centers around me, me, me! But, we fail to understand that God has so much more in line for us to enjoy. We can go our whole lives and miss blessing after blessing because we blind ourselves with selfishness and self-centered ideologies. Our reality is just our imagination going wild. Our reason just our excuse for not wanting to give control to God.

Again, I do not need to "defend" or explain my FAITH. It holds its own in that area. However, I will say that having faith in God to do what He says He will do if we are doing what we are instructed to do will come to pass. We will notice the fruits of our labors if we believe in God and trust Him. This is faith. All you have to do is trust God instead of yourself. He won't lie or deceive. He won't let you down. He is faithful and just and He will do what He says He will do in His Word and by His Spirit. I have FAITH because I have seen it work. I have FAITH because I can attest to its existence. I have FAITH because I have God. Selah.

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