Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Vision!

I had a vision recently. I envisioned something similar to what you might know as "cell groups" otherwise known as a smaller faction within a church body which meets weekly in addition to attending regular church services. This vision was to create another faction or group known as a "Pin-Point Prayer Team."

Now, what I am referring to are teams which are carefully organized with a team leader, (a spiritually mature and educated Christian brother or sister who is very passionate about the Kingdom business and has years of experience in ministry or walking with God) the team body, (volunteers of fellow believers who are available during the week to assist in the prayer missions) and a person responsible for transportation to and from targeted areas which have been previously marked as areas of need. Money for these trips would be a unified contribution by all the team members.

This would encompass a structured meeting or brief prior to going out on a "mission" and an arranged date, time, and location of that specific mission. Each team could target specified areas of need or interest and these prayer team(s) would simply go to these areas with the appropriate literature, personal knowledge of the Word, and someone strong in the gift of prophecy and also speaking in tongues.

With the schematics of each mission pre-arranged and orchestrated by a cluster leader (person chosen to be in control of entire operation or all the teams) and the specified areas of interest pending, each team could choose what schedule works best for them with each member coordinating with the team leader, then start going OUT and telling people about the awesome grace of God and wonderful freedom of salvation through Jesus Christ.

We do not have to spend more than one day a week at the very least doing this, but can you imagine what an impact this would have on the community? I mean, literally speaking, this could reach thousands of people a month. Why can't we put something like this together for our own community and surrounding areas in addition to attending regular church services? It is coming up on spring and soon, summer and prime time to be out and enjoying God's gift to us.

We are called to not just live as Christians but we were given a mandate by Jesus Christ himself on getting out and spreading the Word of the Gospel. What better way than to affect our own community? It would cost next to nothing, give us all the exercise we need in a spiritual sense, and begin to take back our communities in a cultural sense.

I am going to begin to put this vision into action. If anyone has any ideas, comments, or questions, please let me know. I am serious about this but I need your help. The Bible says were one or two are gathered together in Jesus' name, there He is. It also says to be fishers of men and that we are the light of the world and we must shine before all men so that they may see our good works and glorify the Father in Heaven by doing so. If we began a revolution, a revival of the Holy Spirit revolution (peaceful of course) it would have an effect which reaches father than we can imagine.

A seed must be planted to grow. Then, it must be watered to thrive. Finally, it will be ready for harvest when all of these have first occurred! This is a way to plant those seeds. We can conduct personal follow-ups with the planted seeds through our own time, church channels, and additional help. Then we will leave the rest up to Jesus. A little effort and sweat goes a long way.

I know this will work because I see the need. I see so many children of God trying to understand, trying to be heard, trying to know more.........But Satan always interfers using vices to accomplish this interference (busy jobs, broken relationships, sickness, etc.). Lets stand up for our God and show the world who we are for!!! We can start in our own back yards.

Lord, I believe in you and I know that others will too. I know that I was so confused for so long and had many misconceptions about you because I just didn't have anyone to come and clear those misconceptions up for me. Jesus, I know you are real as I always have and I have no doubt as to what you did for me even though I did not deserve it by dying for me on the cross. I love you and want to grow more intimate with you and the Father. I am excited for your Kingdom and want to do anything I can to further it! I am on FIRE for you Lord and I can't stop this burning passion I have for you. I want to do what you say in your Word and I will prevail against the Devil and his silly and weak tricks. Lord, continue to guide me as I pursue this vision for you and I give you all the Glory! Give me the strength and resources i will need to accomplish this vision which you have given to me! Use me for your purpose and let me not stray from the course. I love you and worship you and consider myself so blessed to be able to work for you. You are truly the best boss anyone could ever have. Thank you for everything you have already given to me and done for me. AMEN!!!

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