Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Was that me or Satan!

Often times we make mistakes or do something we regret only to place the blame for that action or misplaced word on someone else. We find that it is much easier to deny something we should really be taking responsibility for than to actually face our mistake and admit foul. We have become a finger-pointing society, one which will always have an explanation or excuse for our wrongs instead of the truth. Why are we so easy to find a scapegoat when we are the source? Why do we always shirk responsibility for our actions?

The alternative to self-admission of blame is to transfer that blame to Satan for the evil action or thought. We claim the devil put us up to it or entered us influencing or "telling" us to do it. "It wasn't me"…"I wasn't in my right mind"..."Man, Satan sure can be deceiving!" Do we really think it is Satan doing the deceiving or, is our own mind deceiving us? Satan only planted the seed in the Garden of Eden for man to sin. Man made the decision to actualize that seed and sin bring it to fruition. God created both angels and man and both with the ability to choose. Too often man uses that choice against God's laws or moral standards because we “choose” to rebel. We have rebelled since the beginning of time. When we think we are better off on our own or can do things better using our own feeble strength, we will reach a dead-end. Lucifer thought he would “exalt himself above God” and this was where he was very wrong. He was once cherished by God, but because of his pride, he fell out of grace. It was at this point that he was dispelled from Heaven and made to roam earth, thus Lucifer became Satan. Ultimately, we give Satan more credit than he deserves when we use him as our excuse. This is due to the plain and simple fact that he is always waiting around the corner to try and separate us from God. He wants to cause dissent between us and the Father. This is his greatest vice in his campaign or “crusade” to win a war which has been waged since the beginning. This factor is a constant and will not change until Jesus comes back. However, there is good news! Our God is the creator of all including the serpent and He has already won the war through His Son, Jesus Christ. This victory automatically becomes part of our legacy through grace and grace alone and only after we admit our sin, accept Jesus into our lives, and begin to live in the grace of God. So, Satan has lost the war but, make no mistake, he continues to fight battles.

This doesn’t take away the danger that Satan poses to us, rather it gives us an understanding of his position in our lives. He no longer holds power or control by right. He was cast out of Heaven but still has access to the Throne of God. Understand, this access is in a cowardly, powerless way. He, like all creatures, is accountable to God and is in subjection under God. God’s sovereignty supersedes all. There is nothing that will ever be above or greater than God. Do not underestimate the enemy either. The devil only has as much control as we allow him to have over us. He created fear, not God. He can only influence us as long as we are living out of the grace of God and in sin. His authority only applies to our spiritual state of mind. His demons [angels who followed him and fell with him] are his arm and legs. Fear is his greatest weapon. His control is only relative to our status as believers in Christ Jesus. Therefore, if we are living in God’s grace, we are protected by that grace. If we are strong in our FAITH, we have nothing to fear. Fear is imagined, not real. God tells us we have nothing to fear when we are doing what He commands and living according to HIS will.

Having covered the brief origin of fear, history of mankind and his relationship to the devil, and our position in God’s kingdom, we can safely come to the understanding that there are two different but equally dangerous extremes working against us, ourselves and the devil. But, going back to God’s sovereignty and ultimate authority over all creation, we know He is in control of everything and there is nothing that He cannot do. If Satan only has the control that we willfully give him, then it is safe to assume that he is powerless to control us if we are living as we ought, as true Christians. We can sum our problems up into one point. We are responsible for things that happen in our lives and we have the “choice” to live in FAITH or allow the devil to bog us down in fear. In Deuteronomy, Moses tells the children of Israel to choose life or death, blessing or curse. This is our decision and our choice. The direction of our lives are up to us but made possible through Christ Jesus. Selah!

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