Monday, April 19, 2010

Dare to trust GOD!

When you were born, you became an official child of GOD. However, what about when you were still developing? What about when you were being conceived? What about who you are now? Who cared for you then and who cares for you now?

The same GOD who cares for you then cares for you now. This same GOD created you with just a Word. A divine thought. You were created in His image. In the image of the Most High GOD! What a thought. What an even better existence.

Q. So what about when I am distressed?

A. GOD never has nor ever will forsake us or leave us. He will forgive our sins as far as the east from the west, He will forget our transgressions. If we take the offering of eternal life in the New Kingdom and abundant life here on earth, GOD will live up to His end of this offering. It is perpetual, always in play. He continues to protect us and His offer never becomes obsolete.

Q. What about my future? What about future problems?

A. GOD says that His love for us is everlasting. Everlasting goes on and on and on. It never stops or even slows down. In addition to everlasting love is everlasting grace and everlasting mercy. He extends His grace through the blood atonement of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. His sacrifice on the cross gave us freedom! Not freedom as we imagine in America. No, freedom that reaches so much deeper than that. Our own "freedoms" that we believe are so important are actually so miniscule in reality. The freedom Christ made possible through His death applies to our salvation first, suffering and pain second, and freedom from Satan's control third. As one decision of man separated us from GOD, so the death of the Son of Man separated us from the grip of death forever.

Q. Why do we still die or why do we still have pain?

A. Affliction is relevant to our faith. Satan lost all power and authority over man forever in a single moment of time at the very moment Christ gave up His spirit on that tree. However, like any war, the war goes on until the Commander in Chief comes back for the final battle. Satan continues to attempt to win souls while Heaven wages war against his dark forces. Until that final day, we may still fall. Nevertheless, after Christ's death, we were given another way. He bought our salvation through His death. Through His suffering, we obtained grace. Through GOD's mercy, we were given another solution to our dilemma. Do you see the point? Do you get it? We must do something to get something. We must do if we want to get! There is that decision process again.

Our salvation was purchased by our Savior, Jesus Christ, GOD with us. We are held to the trust system. We live as Christians and above reproach. We get to have an abundant life here on earth then go to everlasting life in utopia known as the New Kingdom. All we must do to receive this awesome grace is TRUST GOD! Give Him our dedication and attention. Take everything to God in prayer and worship. Let Him work His plan in our lives and be patient. Ultimately, the result is in His control and out of ours. Ultimately, we have no bearing on the result. We can help along the way by how well we obey and heed His advice, but we in no way affect the result.

Q. So, where does this leave us?

A. Trust GOD to be GOD! Let Him do what He does so well--Guiding us. GOD does not need our advice, assistance, or interpretations. He has a set standard, which He was so gracious to share with us, the Ten Commandments. He is a GOD of order. We must not ever seek to learn His ways or reasons. He has a plan and loves us and this love is all we need to know. GOD has established that He will never leave us nor forsake us--He is a GOD of His Word! Doubt is fear and fear is the opposite of faith. Fear comes from the enemy, not GOD. If something causes doubt or fear, chances are we are doing something out of His grace or protection. We must learn from our ancestors the lessons from bad choices and stupid mistakes. Abraham had his faith, we have the Word. Moses had his faith; we got the Ten Commandments written in stone. David had his faith and one small stone, we have big weapons and strong body armor. Paul had his faith, we have his writings--instructions for how to be a Christian, how to be married, how to be a Church, how to be everything in Christ Jesus. The disciples had their faith; we have their stories to use as learning lessons.

We become Christians then seem to forget who we are. We attend Church and affirm the pastor’s message with an occasional Amen then go home and forget to apply that message to our lives. We go through the motions of praying when we need something but forget to thank GOD when we get something. We claim victory over problems then run from them when faced head-on. We listen to Christian music with positive lyrics but sound like a depressive maniac when our stress level is raised. We admit our feeble human strength yet puff up our chests when confronted by our pride. We agree with GOD’s Word yet cannot quote one verse out of it. Why do we become complacent in our journey of faith? Why do we fall back into our old ways so easily? Why?

We have so many more resources now then they had in those Bible days. We have the Scriptures with actual examples for a buffer in our walk with GOD. A guide for everyday life as a Christian. An example of every situation and every culture to match every problem we may encounter today. The Scriptures have not changed, the times have. GOD is still the same loving merciful GOD. We have become more sophisticated, more advanced, more distant from our faith. Let us get back to the basics of Christianity, the fundamentals of faith in Christ Jesus. We need to seek GOD out as He is, not as we think He should be. He has so much abundance in store for everyone's life; we must begin to obey Him to see this abundance. He offers eternal life, we bring shame and contempt. He offered His only Son; we brought all of our pain, suffering, and affliction. We cannot and should not attempt to recrucify our Savior. What is done is done. Let us accept this and move forward to the life that awaits us as new creations in Christ. Let us be the head and not the tail. Let us dare to trust GOD. Selah!

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