Thursday, April 8, 2010

the Love!

God is love. We love Him because He first loved us. Draw near to God and He will draw near to us. For He so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son...These are all very encouraging, very inspiring, very touching.

Why does He seem so far away then? Why do we still have problems? Why? I can say for sure but I, myself, have come from a long way ago but still have a long way to go. It took some extreme life adjustments to begin to see the real God, the God I read so much about in the Bible. It took me 30 years to find God. I am not bragging. I am simply grateful that it did not take any longer. Grateful to God for allowing me to make so many mistakes and yet, still provide recovery for me. Grateful to God for forgiveness, for wiping away all my sins as if they never happened. No more record of wrongdoings! No more mark on my record, no more stain on my clothes, just clean, white clothes. And a crown awaiting me. For me? Yes! For me...This is what I have waiting for me. I am not looking forward to the crown, rather the King. I long for the day I will see my King, my Lord, Holy, Holy, the Lord God Almighty...Who was, is, and is to come!

I found that God is always working on us, always improving us, always looking out for us...Why then is it so difficult to see this improvement. It is very simple actually. He tells us in Deuteronomy 28 everything we ever need to know about succeeding. He lays it all out for us in the last of the first five books in His Word to us, the Bible! He explains in detail even though there is no need for explanation. The Bible is the single greatest book in creation. It needs no other power to hold it up. It stands alone, supports its own existence. It is God-inspired, Spirit lead. It is accurate, ultimate, and perpetual. It is consistent not compromised. It will always be within context of time. It is completely factual, poetic, and mysterious. It takes simple people with normal problems in a lost time and turns every story, every situation into a miracle, a life-changing account of one man's story to another’s recovery.

It has been tested and found to be unremarkable. It has survived wars, empires, relentless attacks, and constant scrutiny. All the while remaining unchanged and unscathed. It bears the title of truth, records of God's omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence. It attests to God's power and resounds of His love. One event reveals His authority, His absolute integrity with prejudice while another His gentleness that of a lamb. He is constantly caring, always loving, and more often merciful. His love pushes through the pages jumping off into your very soul. It intrigues, confirms, though never denies. It is all-powerful, awe binding, even visionary, transcending the very depths of despair called humanity.

God gave us love, and then He gave us a chance. When we failed Him again and again, He instated His law. When we let Him down yet again, He decided to come down a little closer, even to our level. He chose to live as we do, to show us that He loves us enough to become us and then, die for us. He accomplished this as a lowly carpenter. In the guise of a blue-collar second-class citizen. He became us to save us. He lived in every aspect as us but without sin. He showed us, that though He had the power of the universe and heavens in His hand, He chose something as simple as a lowly working person to give us just one more chance to right our many wrongs. Then He took the burden of all our sins on His own shoulders. He felt pain though He need not. He was mocked though He had created the mockers. His humanity resulted in the worst death imaginable, His divinity became our grace. He became us to save us.

Can we not return the love in just a minute fraction of the way in which He showed us? Are you willing to allow your worst enemy to falsely arrest you, publically humiliate you, scourge you, beat you, torture you, all the while mocking you to your face in front of the world? If that is not enough, don't just allow everything to just happen; actually love those who are doing it! Yes! You read that right...LOVE those who torture you. Then, when you have been given the worst hand of your life, let them nail your hands and feet to a wooden cross. Let them place a crown of thorns on your head--In your head. Pray for them but do not answer their mocking. Do not speak your mind; let them have a little piece of how you view them! Just hang there and remain calm. Hide it as well as you can even though you are in excruciating pain. Remember, don't say anything other than "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do!" Nevertheless, you must mean what you say in your prayer. You must actually love these people. The ones who are slowly killing you. The ones who want to see you suffer and continue to mock you to your face. Every drop of your human blood, one more laugh from the mob. You have all of Heaven's legions and legions, the vastest, greatest, strongest Army in all creation, all at your whim. But, you cannot use them. All you must do for them to save you is call. But, you will not because this is love. This is what you are doing for a people who don't even believe in you in the first place. What is going to change that now, you do not know, but that is not your concern. Because you are going to save humanity from itself by your sacrifice of love.

Can you do this now? Could you feel the pain, the sick empty feeling of being forsaken by your Father? Are you up to the task? Remember the time when you were absolutely at your worst, loneliest time in your life and the one last friend that would listen, who would listen and love you...then imagine that one last resort turning their back on you. Your absolute last confidant, gone. That’s it! That’s the feeling! Could you at least remember what Jesus did next time your cut off in the store? Next time the local school bully picks on your child calling him names using racial slurs or degrading terms, can you bless that bully, can you pray for that driver right there in your car? Could you manage a simple friendly wave with all five fingers? Can you? Oh, would you? Jesus would, Jesus did! Selah.

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