Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Your own faith!

     We are all endowed with a natural ability to choose our own life. We were all created with the same effect-choice. This choice has shown throughout history to be a blessing and a curse, a curse which we lodge against our own person. When used for benefit, choice is powerful. However, when used in contempt and under selfish pretenses, it is death to the user. One major point is to understand that without absolute and unhindered discretion from God, we will always make the wrong choice...We cannot possibly know what the right choice by using our own wisdom!

      This so relevantly applies to our faith. Your faith is just that, your faith... It is your journey to reach perfection in Christ Jesus. It is your own story containing your own unique experiences of trial and error. Your pains and your victories. Untouched by any outside contamination because it is your one elses...only yours. Too often other caring Christians might not understand this need to undergo this journey on your own and with good intentions in mind, they encroach on your life by not giving you the benefit of the doubt or even by assuming your spiritual maturity through unrelated actions or words. Though this is meant by them in the highest order of respect it is not right or respectful. My own faith is being developed from experiences only I have been through and frankly, only I wish to ever have to go through. Without these experiences, I cannot say what condition I would be in today regarding my spiritual maturity. More specifically, without formulating my own techniques and methods of conflict resolution and problem-solving, I cannot say with any certainty if I would have the faith I do.

     Faith is unique and must be contained to your own personal journey and any attached affects. The only other person involved in the development of your faith should be GOD. Faith is learning to trust God to be God and using every situation you encounter or experience as just experience that makes you stronger and wiser. But ultimately faith should only serve to build your dependence on God more and more as time goes on and you are victoreous. All victory comes from Jesus and all success through faith in His ability to make us who He wants us to be. So do not let anyone else attempt to live your life for you or take anything away from you. We are all children of God equal to eachother, inferior only to our God. Jesus is the only one with seniority above all. Your faith will be a testamony of your own personal life journey...make it a good one. Use it to serve the Kingdom of God.

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