Friday, May 21, 2010

Point of no return!

     Have you received Jesus into your life and are moving forward in your walk of faith along with the Father? Is your life different now that you are changed and in love with the Father? Are you completely content with your new life in Christ Jesus without any remnant past life showing up since your change?

     I received the Lord into my life with joy and zeal. Having been through a hell of my own, I was oh so happy to start over and begin my walk with my God in a new light...After losing everything give my two children, submission to a Christian lifestyle was not sounding too bad or extreme. When you lose everything, you have everything to gain. You see friends, we tend to judge the quality of our lives on the material in our lives...What a deception this truly is to believe. Not long after my complete spiritual, emotional, and physical life change, I began to notice pieces of my past start to reveal themselves in the strangest situations. Very unexpectedly and surprisingly, I began to see issues resurface...Now, understand I am a new person in Christ. I gave up ALL my carnal ways and traded most every negative thought I possessed previously and selfish tendency for the love of God. It was a different experience and completely new to me coming from a very self-centered and self-loathing past. Self-indulgence in many different and equally evil sins was a regular occurrence in my personal life and even though I was a good father and husband, I was the worst child of God. You see, when we are unaware of the standard of God and what He requires out of us as His children, when we don't know what we need to be compared to from what we are, we think we are not that bad. The enemy most definitely has us blinded to the truth...He is very effective at clouding the truth of our state of existence. Best at deception, he goes to great lengths to convince us our current personal state of affairs is fine and we do not need anything or anyone interfering with our lives. How wrong this lie dangerous and detrimental to our future life if we have one at all!

     When my pieces of my past began to resurface in my new life, the doubt started to surface also. When we give in to even just a little doubt or fear, the enemy uses this as his wedge to put more and more into different areas of our life. Doubt leads to more doubt and eventually you have uncontrolled paranoia in your life. Now I know why Peter tells us to FLEE FROM THE DEVIL...Because we cannot slowly walk away from him...he will just follow us...we must never ask him politely to leave us alone. You cannot deceive a deceiver! FLEE FROM HIM. Run away. You never need to be afraid of him. Just use wisdom when dealing with him and his trickery. Distance is the best solution to prevention. We must understand that our past has nothing good for our growth. It is meant be put away and forgotten. It is purposed to remain our past and never have a place in our present or future.
     One blessing God has graced me with as a result of my obedience to Him is to take away my former over-powering desire to indulge in blatant sin. While surrendering all of my past to God as a condition of my new life and forgiveness by Him, there have been occasional situations where minor parts of my past seem to try and revisit my new life. Having choice at our discretion, we are ultimately responsible for decisions of right or wrong. This discretion does not go away when we surrender to God. It is what separates us from the rest of creation. It is what proves God's nature of love rather than showing Him to be a sick puppeteer who wants us to be human robots who walk around mindlessly doing His bidding. Worship of Him should be our desire, not forced against our will. With the choice being our decision, we must choose wisely. We must understand that our past is just that, our past. It is already done. Nothing we do now will change it. We must keep our past as our past. When pieces of our past begin to appear in our renewed lives in Christ, we must realize that is just the enemy attempting to put that wedge into our new lives to break us apart from God. Do not reopen a closed chapter of your life. Would you readdict yourself to cocaine after years of being clean? Would you reinfect yourself with a disease after complete healing? It is no different in your new life with Christ!

     Treat your relationship with the Almighty God with the utmost respect. Approach it with care. Be cautous in everything you do as the enemy goes to great lengths to get you back into sin away from God. Do not ever take your new found freedom for granted. Take nothing for granted. Walk lightly and pray hard. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Flee from the devil and he will flee from you. Do not put yourself into any compromising situations and never throw caution to the wind, it will blow away. Never allow a situation to escalate into dangerous ground, thereby threatening your new life in Christ. Turn every negative into a positive, every wrong into a right. Choose life, not death!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Your own faith!

     We are all endowed with a natural ability to choose our own life. We were all created with the same effect-choice. This choice has shown throughout history to be a blessing and a curse, a curse which we lodge against our own person. When used for benefit, choice is powerful. However, when used in contempt and under selfish pretenses, it is death to the user. One major point is to understand that without absolute and unhindered discretion from God, we will always make the wrong choice...We cannot possibly know what the right choice by using our own wisdom!

      This so relevantly applies to our faith. Your faith is just that, your faith... It is your journey to reach perfection in Christ Jesus. It is your own story containing your own unique experiences of trial and error. Your pains and your victories. Untouched by any outside contamination because it is your one elses...only yours. Too often other caring Christians might not understand this need to undergo this journey on your own and with good intentions in mind, they encroach on your life by not giving you the benefit of the doubt or even by assuming your spiritual maturity through unrelated actions or words. Though this is meant by them in the highest order of respect it is not right or respectful. My own faith is being developed from experiences only I have been through and frankly, only I wish to ever have to go through. Without these experiences, I cannot say what condition I would be in today regarding my spiritual maturity. More specifically, without formulating my own techniques and methods of conflict resolution and problem-solving, I cannot say with any certainty if I would have the faith I do.

     Faith is unique and must be contained to your own personal journey and any attached affects. The only other person involved in the development of your faith should be GOD. Faith is learning to trust God to be God and using every situation you encounter or experience as just experience that makes you stronger and wiser. But ultimately faith should only serve to build your dependence on God more and more as time goes on and you are victoreous. All victory comes from Jesus and all success through faith in His ability to make us who He wants us to be. So do not let anyone else attempt to live your life for you or take anything away from you. We are all children of God equal to eachother, inferior only to our God. Jesus is the only one with seniority above all. Your faith will be a testamony of your own personal life journey...make it a good one. Use it to serve the Kingdom of God.